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You’ve Never Seen Balloon Art Like This Before

How a young man is stacking and twisting to say thank you to frontline workers in his town.

If the coronavirus epidemic has showed us one thing, it's that heroes don't always wear capes or sports jerseys. They also wear medical scrubs, postal uniforms and grocery store aprons.

To say thank you to those who have been working around the clock to make sure we stay safe, fed, and that we get our mail and packages on time, people have been coming up with unique ways to show their gratitude.

A young man in Edison, NJ has been showing his appreciation by making tributes that are creative, heartfelt and full of hot air.

Eddie Lin has been creating balloon art pieces for nurses, grocery store workers and mail carriers in his community.

Lin, who lives with autism, started creating balloon animals when he was 10. Lin's mom Jenny says her son is a visual learner, so it was easy for him to pick up the hobby. He taught himself the craft by watching You Tube videos and practicing at home.

In 2014, Lin started taking classes and getting serious about creating balloon art pieces as a side gig. Jenny even got him lessons with a professional balloon artist when they visited family in Taiwan.

Here's Eddie Lin (L) with his balloon artist instructor in Taiwan. Ausome Balloon Creator/Facebook

As Lin got more comfortable working with the balloons, his mom noticed that he was getting more flexible in his approach. Before, he was hesitant to stray from a design, but after a while he was open to making changes to please a customer.

"That's when I realized he is at a point in his journey he's able to adapt," Jenny told "In the past he would just make stuff to give (to) his doctors or therapist. People were amazed with his talent, but we didn't really make anything out of it."

Now, the talented 22-year-old is known as the "Ausome Balloon Creator," and while Lin's created hundreds of animals for events like birthday parties and bat mitzvahs, he's recently been making pieces that pay tribute to essential workers in his town.

Lin has been making balloon replicas of frontline workers to honor their hard work during the pandemic. Ausome Balloon Creator/Facebook

So far he's made a balloon mailman and mail truck replica, a balloon grocery shopping cart and nurse and doctor balloons for the healthcare heroes who have been working extra hard to keep people safe during the pandemic.

In March, Lin took part in a movement with 1,300 other balloon artists to spread messages of hope and kindness by building elaborate balloon sculptures to share with the world.

While Lin continues to create his balloon sculptures, it's not a full-time gig for him just yet. He works part-time at a local library and volunteers at a nearby school. Since the Covid-19 pandemic has forced both of his work places to close, he's had plenty of time for balloon making.

If you're in the mood for a challenge, here's a tutorial Lin posted on how to make a balloon flower...

Jenny says they're gearing up for a big project with a local children's hospital, and that the family is on board to help bring smiles to others any way they can.

Kudos to Lin for using his creativity to spread joy and celebrate the people who have been working non-stop during the pandemic. We can't wait to see the pieces he'll make next!

Man With Autism Makes Balloon Sculptures To Honor Frontline Workers

Lin even made a balloon grocery shopping cart for a family friend who manages a nearby grocery store.

How can you start something good?

If you're in the Edison, NJ area you can get a custom creation from Eddie by reaching out on Facebook, or by sending an email to: Or, you can call (848) 219-3077.

Even if you can't create amazing balloon sculptures, you can honor frontline workers in your community in a number of ways, including bringing meals, donating PPE or taking part in the nightly clap-outs to honor healthcare workers.

Also, being kind to each other is something we can always do to help (and not just during the pandemic!). Simply taking the time to smile and thank your grocery store clerk or mail carrier can make a big difference.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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