The Donkey Cried. You’ve Never Seen A Post-Quarantine Reunion Like This Before

We're crying, you're crying, they're crying tears of joy. See (and hear!) the emotional moment when a man and his pet donkey see each other after months apart.

As coronavirus restrictions begin to lift and businesses start to reopen all over the world, folks are getting excited about returning to some of their favorite pastimes.

For some, that means finally getting a hair cut after months of dealing with unsightly roots and split ends. For others, enjoying a cocktail at their favorite bar will feel like a dream come true.

For one man in Spain, returning to normal life meant one thing and one thing only. He would get to see his beloved pet donkey again.

Before the coronavirus lockdown, Fernández would see Baldo at least once a week. @baldomerayyo

Ismael Fernández was under strict lockdown orders for the past two months. During that time, he missed seeing his family, but not as much as he missed visiting with the donkey that lives on his brother's nearby farm.

Before the quarantine, Fernández would visit with his brother at least once a week and take Baldomera the donkey (Baldo, for short) on walks through the hills.


"Many people wanted to go out to bars, but I wanted to visit my donkey. I missed her a lot," Fernández told The Dodo. "The first thing that I did was go see her."

When Fernández finally got the chance to see Baldo again, his emotions got the best of him. He recorded the pair's reunion on his phone, and as he was petting Baldo's soft fur, you can hear him sniffle and his voice starts to tremble.

In a touching moment that has captured the hearts of people worldwide, the donkey starts to bray in response to Fernández's tears of joy.

"I started crying. I was so happy to be seeing her," Fernández said. "And when she saw me, she started crying. I never heard that sound from her before. She cried with me. We cried together."

Fernández and Baldo's reunion has been viewed by millions of viewers around the world. @baldomerayyo

Now that the duo is back together, Baldo is happier than ever – which has been a bit hard for Fernández's brother, the animal's primary caretaker, to witness.

"I think my brother is a little jealous. He's been here all the time, taking very good care of her, but now she's so much happier," Fernández said. "She only wants to be with me."

Even though Fernández's brother cares for Baldo full-time, the donkey is always happiest when Fernández is with him. @baldomerayyo

It just goes to show that animals do have feelings, and while they may not understand the depth of today's crises, the comfort they provide can mean the world.

"Animals like Baldo have a heart. They empathized with us," Fernadez said of his unshakable bond with Baldo. "For us, she's family."

How can you start something good?

We love this story about the strong friendships that form between animals and the people who love them.

Perhaps you can take Fernández's special bond with Baldo into consideration as the world begins to open back up after the coronavirus crisis. Let's be kind and patient with each other, as folks will likely have different reactions and ways of adjusting to the "new normal."

The best way to accomplish anything is together, so let's do our best to show our friends and neighbors some love as we return to our daily routines.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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