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You'll Smile for Sure! Principals Gone Wild Spread Cheer In Coronavirus Dance Off

Watch as straight-laced leaders boogie through the halls of their empty schools, then challenge their colleagues to do the same!

Principal Eric Fisher thought he'd spread a little cheer among the Manhattan Middle School family in Bozeman, MT when he made a video of himself dancing around his empty school. He had no idea that he'd start a trend that's spreading to schools across the country!

Eric Fisher getting his groove on in his school's gymnasium. He didn't imagine his dance video would create a viral challenge!YouTube

"I didn't expect that at all. All I expected was to share the joy of dance and of movement with my own students, my own school. To see it spread has been really fun," said Fisher told KBZK-TV.

Fisher, already known as the "dancing principal" because of his penchant for busting a move anywhere at at any time, used his school as his dance studio, dancing on top of desks, in the gym and cafeteria. He posted it to YouTube. "The original [idea] was to just get a message to my own students to my own school that we're here, we're positive, we can still have fun even if we're all at home," said Fisher.

The Bozeman Daily Chronical says at least a half dozen principals in the Gallatin Valley area, which includes Bozeman and Billings took Fisher's challenge and created their own dance videos.

Not all of them are great dancers, but we'll give them this: they're creative. Jeff Elliott, superintendent in nearby Three Forks School District, made a dance video to NSYNC's "I Want You Back." Get it?

Superintendent Jeff Elliott pleads "I Want You Back" from inside one of his district's shut down schools.YouTube

Scott McDowell, principal at Anderson High School in Bozeman, danced around his empty school to the song "Nobody But Me." Once again we're loving the relevance of your musical choice Mr. McDowell!

"It's a little daunting to put that out there," McDowell told the Chronical. "It's easier to embarrass yourself with kids in the gym than on the internet."

Now principals and superintendents all over the country are joining in. Little Falls City (NY) High School principal Leeann Dooley and her middle school colleague were challenged by a principal in Bettendorf, IA, and also chose a song with meaning: "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Their message? Nothing, not even coronavirus, will keep them from from their students.

Ain't no mountain, valley, river (or virus) can keep these principals from their students.Little Falls City School District/Facebook

The women challenged Dick Keeler, principal in the Central Valley School District outside of Pittsburgh, who cut loose in his school's ghost town gymnasium.

Keely in turn challenged Greg Cuthbertson, grades 6-12 principal in the Poland (OH) Central School District. And on it goes!

Who knows when this will end, kinda like quarantines and study-at -home orders. But we hope the #PrincipalDanceChallenge keeps spreading as long as it continues to put smiles on students' faces.

Kudos to the principals who are putting their egos aside to bring joy at a time of uncertainty. "We just want to spread some joy," Principal Fisher said. "Everybody's going through a lot of stress." Amen to that!

How can you start something good?

If you're a principal or superintendent and you haven't been challenged yet, why not take it upon yourself to make a video like these folks did? Challenge the other principals in your district to do the same! You'll definitely put a smile on the faces of your students at a time when they could all use one!

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