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Another Delivery Driver Caught In The Act - Her Kindness Will Floor You

Her actions, caught by her customers' Ring camera, touched the hearts of an entire community.

Delivery drivers have been providing a lifeline for many people during the coronavirus crisis.

Derek and Raquel Pearson know this well. The family, who resides in Nampa, ID, depends on deliveries of medical supplies and food for their 8-month-old son Lucas, who was born with a heart condition and has difficulty eating.

Since Lucas' immune system is compromised, his doctors advised the Pearsons to stay home as much as possible to protect their son from catching the virus.

Lucas' parents have been home as much as possible during the pandemic to keep him safe. Raquel Pearson/Facebook

"He needs special thickeners to be able to eat, otherwise he aspirates his milk, so we really depend on getting all of these supplies online so we don't have to go out to the store and bring a virus home," Raquel told KREM2-TV. "We just want to minimize exposure to coronavirus."

Months ago, the Pearsons left a note on their front porch to thank the essential workers who have been risking their own lives to deliver the items they need for their son.

The Pearsons keep a note posted on their front porch to thank essential workers for helping to keep Lucas healthy. Raquel Pearson/Facebook

The Pearsons hoped that the drivers dropping off their packages would see the note and feel appreciated.

A few weeks later, when Raquel was waiting for a few boxes to arrive, she saw a driver approaching her porch on her RING doorbell camera.

When the driver noticed the note, she stopped to do a quick prayer and sign of the cross before walking away.

"I noticed that she was standing there, and I didn't really realize what she was doing until I saw her doing the sign of the cross. I was like 'Oh my gosh, she was praying'," Raquel said. "So, I kind of choked up a bit. It's been really hard to get through this, so I'm really touched that a stranger would take time out of her day to wish our son well like that."

The Pearsons were so touched by the driver's actions that they posted to a local Covid-19 Facebook group to find out the driver's name.

The story quickly spread, and the family learned that the driver was Monica Salinas who delivers for Amazon in Nampa. Salinas reached out to the Pearsons, who were thrilled to be able to thank her personally for her kind gesture.

The Pearsons were touched that a stranger cared enough to say a prayer for Lucas. KREM2-TV.

Salinas said she had delivered packages to the family's house before, and the sign had touched her heart.

"I just stopped to do what my heart told me to do, to say a prayer for the baby and for the parents, because that's got to be very painful for all of them to see their baby hurt and struggle," Salinas said. "I just prayed that they can make it through another day, one day at a time."

Amazon delivery driver Monica Salinas stopped to pray for the Lucas while out on her route. Maggie O'Mara/Facebook

What a wonderful moment of genuine kindness between strangers. This is the way we get through the coronavirus crisis: together!

How can you start something good?

Inspired by Salinas' incredible act of kindness?

You can take her lead and be kind to the people you encounter every day. Whether it's your family, friends, or a total stranger - we can all show compassion to each other and make the world a better place.

Say a prayer, offer a kind "Hello," wear a mask when you're out in public. These are just a few ways to show kindness to those around you every day.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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