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You Never Know When The Kindness Fairy Will Strike!

She might be young, but she's on a mission to spread kindness to as many people as she can. See how she does it!

Dealing with a worldwide pandemic, political unrest and emergencies like wildfires and hurricanes, the past few months have been downright exhausting.

That's why 11-year-old Sophia Kelleher decided to create a YouTube channel filled with videos of herself and others spreading kindness in her hometown of Bridgewater, NJ. She wants to show that no matter your age or how much money you have, you can always be kind.

Kelleher calls her channel "The Kindness Fairy," and for each "episode" she films herself performing an act of kindness in the community.

Check out The Kindness Fairy in action...

video c/o The Kindness Fairy

When Kelleher learned that her school was going to do remote learning due to Covid-19, she was scared, so her parents suggested she do something to focus on the positive.

"I saw on Facebook that the Somerset (NJ) Animal Shelter needed food, bleach and dog beds, so we gathered those things and donated what we could," Kelleher told TAPinto.

Kelleher films herself doing random acts of kindness in her community and posts the videos on her YouTube channel. The Kindness Fairy/YouTube

Along with the animal shelter donation, Kelleher has passed out $10 Starbucks gift cards to strangers at the mall, crafted Thank You signs for local hospital workers and first responders, and decorated her favorite teacher's house on her birthday.

She's planned more surprises for teachers, including her fifth-grade teacher, who Kelleher says has been "amazing" with the new distance learning.

"I decorated the outside of her classroom windows on the day she told the class she had to clean out her classroom," she said. "It was so cool to see her smile when she walked into the classroom."

Kelleher has surprised teachers, first responders and essential workers in her community with hand-made thank you posters. The Kindness Fairy/YouTube

While Kelleher is starting small, she's hoping to increase the number of her YouTube subscribers and eventually attract a sponsor so that she can carry out larger acts of kindness to help people in need.

"I know of a few famous YouTubers who do things like buy groceries for food banks, help people pay rent or buy them a car so they can work," she said. "That is what I would really love to do with this channel. Most importantly, I want to get other kids involved."

Kelleher is encouraging other young people to record their own acts of kindness and send them to her. The Kindness Fairy/YouTube

Kelleher is also encouraging her classmates to do their own acts of kindness and forward them to her so that she can share them on her channel.

"If they send me a picture or video of them spreading kindness in their community," she said. "It will be used in my series, 'The Kindness Champions of the World.'"

Kindness Champions Of The World (episode 1)

While Kelleher may have a long way to go to reach her goal of helping on a bigger scale, she's determined to spread kindness to as many people as she can.

"I really believe if other kids knew how good it feels to make someone smile, more kids would do it," she added. "If we focus on doing kind things for other people now, maybe we can make the world a better place as we grow up."

Kelleher is hoping to grow her YouTube channel so that she can get sponsored to do bigger acts of kindness to help folks in need. The Kindness Fairy/YouTube

What an inspiring story! We hope Kelleher gets tons of new subscribers so that she can scale her channel to help even more people. Way to go!

How can you start something good?

You can subscribe to The Kindness Fairy YouTube channel by clicking here.

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