World Record Set for Most Trees Planted in a Day

People in one country pitched in to help despite their differences

There's a lot you can accomplish in a day. The people of Ethiopia proved it on July 31st when they worked together to plant 350 million trees in a single day. The nationwide project was part of a new initiative called the "Green Legacy" which aims to "grown four billion trees in the country this summer by encouraging every citizen to plant at least 40 seedlings."

(Source: @PMEthiopia Instagram page )

The country is replanting in areas where deforestation has taken out large swaths of trees. The director of the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute, Abiyot Berhanu, cites the nation's disappearing forest cover as a big motivator to replant the trees. According to the institute's research the nation has experienced a rapid decline in forest cover, from about 40% half a century ago to the 15% of coverage that exists today.

"Deforestation has become very grave in many parts of Ethiopia," Berhanu said.

While there are some naysayers in the government's opposition party who doubt the actual number of trees that were planted, the party's leader was quick to recognize the hundreds of people who participated in the event and noted that the actual number of trees is not the point.

(Source: @DrGetahun Twitter )

"We took this as a good opportunity to show solidarity with the citizens," he said. "Our concern is the green legacy, making Ethiopia green."

Videos and social media posts congratulated the many people who took part in the project and praised the prime minister for sending such a positive, environmentally friendly message.

"Everyone was clear and understood the long-term vision," the prime minister's press secretary reported.

"They actually bought into the benefits of what it means to have a green country."

You can learn more about how planting trees can help to reverse the effects of climate change in our previous story:

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You can become a Tree Ambassador with One Tree Planted , a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation, and help to organize tree planting efforts in your own community.

You can donate to One Tree Planted by visiting the Donate page on their website.

(Source: feature image AmirAman Twitter )

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