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Woman Honored for Saving Elderly Woman From House Fire

When she saw no one else was going in to help the woman escape, she didn't hesitate.

Bobbi Malone didn't expect to become a hero when she was driving home from work one day last June. But, that's just what happened.

Malone was driving past the Spencer's Crest Condominiums in Columbia, MO when she noticed that one of the buildings was on fire. She quickly pulled over, and after noticing that people had their phones out and had called the fire department, she ran to the scene to see if she could help.

She noticed an elderly woman struggling to get out of the doorway of the building that was on fire. Without hesitation, Malone went to help her. The woman, Sherry Dana, was hooked up to an oxygen tank, and she was struggling to get herself and another tank outside so that it wouldn't explode in the fire.

Malone grabbed the oxygen tanks and quickly guided Dana to safety.

Here's a video that Malone took at the scene of the fire:

"There was no hesitation as to whether I need to do this or I was putting myself at risk," Malone told The Columbia Tribune . "It was almost a matter of instinct."

"When I see someone in need, instinctively I want to help, whether it's a small thing or driving by a fire and seeing someone struggling." - Bobbi Malone

While the fire happened in June, Malone was given a heroism award on Saturday by the M. Graham Clark Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. The SAR held a small ceremony at the Country Club of Missouri to present Malone with the award.

According to Chapter Trustee J.Y. Miller, the award is rooted in the sacrifices made by soldiers who fought for freedom during the Revolutionary War and is meant to honor those who have made sacrifices for the greater good.

"We want to recognize people who honor and respect our country and honor and respect our community," Miller said. "Today we are going to honor Mrs. Malone, who stopped when she didn't have to put herself at risk to help this woman, who lost everything she had in that fire."

Dana (pictured below with Malone) was at the ceremony to congratulate Malone and show her gratitude for saving her life.

"She was God sent," Dana said. "God watched over me and he sent her to me. I don't know if I would have gotten out of the door, out of the fire, with those oxygen tanks and all those people could have been killed. Her coming by and seeing me struggling to get out. God sent her."

Even after the fire, Malone continued to help Dana by raising money to help her get back on her feet. At the ceremony, SAR members gave the 82-year-old woman a cash donation so that she could move out of the hotel she had been living in for four months.

Malone, who was accepting the second award for her act, felt that she was just doing what was right. She had also received a certificate of appreciation from her former employer in June.

"I truly believe the world is changed by your example, not by your opinion," Malone said. "I hope my example makes a difference in someone's life."

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(Source: images & video Bobbi Malone Facebook )

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