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Will My Family Be in the Eye of the Storm?

Since we can't be sure, here's how we're getting ready for Dorian at our house in Orlando.

So, did you hear? Dorian is coming!

Nope, he's not an unwanted dinner guest. He's a hurricane. And he's massive, and barreling right toward us here in Florida. Last time we got a big one, I was reporting on it (above). This time my family and I are getting ready for it at home just like everyone else!

We're in Orlando, tucked in nice and cozy inland, but we still can experience some pretty intense storm damage when big hurricanes strike. So we've spent the past couple days preparing on the off chance that Dorian knocks on our door, including getting the kids involved without scaring them. Check it out:

Of course there are caveats. As any weather aficionado knows, storm tracks can move drastically, and quickly. So, while the current track puts Dorian on a path to smack us square in the face here in Central Florida, we are well aware that that can change.

Take Hurricane Matthew. We were prepared for a massive storm, and instead we got... well, a weakling. And don't get me wrong, we were grateful for that! But it's proof that what's happening now with a hurricane sometimes isn't what you end up actually getting.

And yes, we did consider flying to Pittsburgh to hunker down with my family up there, but given that we're not sure if air travel would be impacted and for how long, we decided to stay close this time.

As you can see below, everyone's getting in on the preparations!

Anyone else out there in hurricane prep mode? I'd love to hear what you do! See you on the other side of the storm!

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