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What's Your Story? We'd Love To Hear from You!

Sparkt is more than a place to read good stories; It's a place to tell your own stories, too. Here's how.

There's little more intimidating than the blank page. That's why Sparkt is offering ideas all year long to spur your stories into reality. All during January, for example, we're asking to hear stories about your New Year's resolutions.

We're also working hard to make Sparkt the easiest and best place to create and present your stories beautifully. We prompt you every step of the way and give you some cool tools to use. We show you where to put your copy, upload photos and videos, and even ways to highlight important important text and link to websites, making your story come to life.

You'll be able to review your story and publish it to Sparkt, then easily share it with your friends on Facebook and other social media sites.

So, are you ready to tell your story on Sparkt? Here's how:

Every story starts by selecting Post a Story in the upper right of your screen.

Sparkt puts stories into 3 categories: Act (what you hope someone will do), Give (what you have to offer someone), and Celebrate (what you just want people to know about). So, the first thing we ask is to choose a story type based on what you intend your story to inspire. Hint: use Celebrate if you're not quite sure.

The next step is to write a headline for your story. Headlines can be intriguing ("Marty's Journey: What He's Learned About Himself"), descriptive ("Support Grows for 9/11 Hero's Dream Home"), or mildly curious ("Give a Goat for Christmas") anything to encourage someone to click on your story.

The story summary is just a short synopsis that describes your story, a sort of preview of the story to entice someone to want to read more. This summary shows up in social media posts when your story is shared, so you'll want it to be a little different and more descriptive than your headline, since they will appear together in social media posts.

Next, you can upload a photo to accompany your story, or just skip it by pressing "Continue". Really, though, stories with photos get more attention than those without. If you don't have a photo, why not try one of the free stock photo sites like my favorite, Unsplash . In fact, the featured photo on this story comes from a photographer who posts her work there.

Now comes the fun part: Writing your story. You can type your story directly or paste from your favorite word processor, if you prefer. Stories can be as long as you like, and can include BOLD TEXT (by clicking on the "B" in the bottom bar) and can include links, pictures, videos, and highlighted quotes, using the tool icons in bottom bar.

To link to another web page, simply click on the text that you want to link and click the link icon. A popup box lets you enter the URL of the site you wish to reference.

To add a photo or video, click on the photo or video icons and follow the prompts.

To highlight text, click on the " icon and enter the text you would like to see in a box that looks a lot like this.

Make sure to click the " icon a second time when you want to resume normal text.

(And here's one more secret: if you want italics or underlined text, you can use the Ctrl-I and Ctrl-U keyboard commands to format your text.)

Once you have your story complete, select the green "Continue" button at the bottom right of the story editor screen.

The last thing you need to decide is what you hope your story will inspire. Select Volunteer if you have an opportunity for neighbors to pitch in to help a cause. Make a donation will enable you to add information about a GoFundMe or other fundraising campaign. Attend an event creates a form to highlight details of an upcoming program. The most popular choice is Just get a discussion going. Once you've made your selection, you'll be able to continue to the final preview screen.

On the final screen, you'll be able to see how your story will look on Sparkt. If you like what you see, click the Publish button and voila ! You're a published author on Sparkt!

We cannot wait to hear your stories!

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