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What's Your Act of Kindness for Today?

What's your "act of kindness" for today? Woman founds non profit to encourage acts of kindness in children and their families.

A woman from Mt. Lebanon believes everyone should do at least one act of kindness every day. So she's started a non-profit, AOK for Today (AOK=Acts of Kindness) to get children in the habit of being kind to others on a daily basis. She hopes they'll influence others to be kind as well, and grow up with kindness in their DNA.

Check it out and see how following her lead is helping make our community an "AOK" place to live!

AOK for Today's main way of spreading the word about daily acts of kindness has been through "kind-raisers" in local schools. If you school, PTA or community group would like the AOK's help in organizing and conducting a 30-day "kind-raiser" you can contact Trish through the AOK for Today website . The website also has suggestions for conducting a month of kindness in your own home.

Children who complete the month-long kindness activity receive an AOK magnet at a cost of $5 to cover production costs and support future AOK kindness activities. These have included everything from helping to fund mission trips, and surprising high school students and teachers with flowers.

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