What Do You Do When Your Freezer Freezes? (And More)

What a morning waking up to find my freezer and refrigerator colder on the outside than on the inside, but that isn't all of the frigid fun in my house

I watch the news and get weather alerts and reports on my phone like everyone else these days. Even still, that didn't prepare my morning routine for the chill my wife and I experienced this morning. She was first to go downstairs with the dogs around 7 a.m. and made the disturbing discovery that something was definitely not right. That moved me a little quicker to investigate (not necessarily quick enough for my beloved).

Here's what I found:

55 o is a new low for our family room. With the assistance of a cool-touch space heater it has now warmed up to a balmy 59 o but that's still a far cry from the goal set at 72o on our Nest thermostat.

We have two tiny chihuahuas who usually stay downstairs overnight in their own dog beds. We know it can get chilly downstairs so we're careful to bring them to our bedroom in weather like this.

Espolon and Paloma snuggled in their holiday sweatersIG: Paloma_callme_Lolo

So here's a summary of what I've done so far to remedy our issues:

  • Front door draft: temporary fix with blanket barrier to hold back cold air, permanent fix coming with insulating foam tape
  • Freezer/Refrigerator: pulled out from wall to thaw frozen appliance, permanent fix coming with insulating tiles and spray foam insulation for wall behind. This should also help with the frozen water line to the freezer/refrigerator
  • Kitchen faucet: open doors underneath to allow warmer air to get to the pipes (note this is just the flex pipe from the hot water line in the floor to the faucet)

While these fixes are working for me, you should consult with an expert before taking more drastic measures on your own. Good luck and try to stay warm!

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