What A Hero! K9 Officer Saves Dog Stuck Inside Burning Home

Wait until you see the body camera footage of the officer's daring rescue - and the best part is, he's a dog lover himself!

Animal lovers have a new hero after a police officer rescued a dog from a burning house in Caledonia, WI.

K-9 Officer Cory Radke of the Caledonia Police Department was finishing up his shift when he noticed smoke in the sky.

"Then dispatch starts calling to every squad in Caledonia, 'Start heading for the structure fire,'" Radke told Fox 6 News. "I was like, 'Well, that answers that. Here we go!'"

When Officer Redke arrived at the home, the flames were bursting through the roof. Village of Caledonia Police Department

The homeowners weren't on the property when the officers arrived, but Radke was worried about any pets that might be stuck inside the burning house.

The dramatic footage from Radke's body camera shows him arriving to the scene where he immediately jumped into action.

With flames shooting out of the home's roof, Radke kicks in the side door to the garage and enters the home. He then moves from room to room, calling out for dogs.

Radke quickly locates a twelve-year-old Visla pup named Deezel who was sitting on the couch, seemingly unaffected by the smoke that was starting to fill the room.

"Come here, puppy! Come here, pups!" you can hear Radke say in the video.

Officer Radke saw the homeowner's Visla pup named Deezel when he was going through the home looking for pets. Village of Caledonia Police Department

After Radke gets the dog to safety, he turns around and goes back into the house to look for more pets. When he doesn't see any other dogs inside, he exits the house and proceeds to move the homeowner's truck so that it doesn't get damaged.

The fire department arrived moments later and got to work extinguishing the flames. One of the firefighters found another pup hiding underneath one of the beds inside the home and was able to get him to safety.

"Fire department went in there and ended up taking out a window and crawling in there and getting the dog out, bringing them out of the smoke," Radke said. "It was like a little Lion King moment there."

Radke, who is a dog lover himself and lives with his K9 partner, said he hoped someone would do the same for him.

"My dog is part of the family," he said.

Thanks to Officer Radke's bravery, Deezel is safe and sound. Screenshot: Fox 6 News

The department later shared the footage to Facebook along with the hashtag #YoureMyHeroCory. The video was shared hundreds of times and earned positive comments from people in the community, including Jackie Dykstra, one of the owners of the home that was on fire.

"He's my hero, along with all the first responders who worked in such horrible conditions," she wrote. "They are the reason I was able to tell my boys, our house is gone but we are all safe including our sweet pups."

Job well done! We're sure the homeowners will be forever grateful for Officer Radke's quick action to save their pets.

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