Webcam Will Show Endangered Condor Hatching

We went inside the National Aviary to check out the birds, and find out how you can be part of the experience.

Something rare is about to happen at the National Aviary, and you can watch it up-close and personal -- and live!

A couple of Andean condors, which are in the vulture family, are incubating an egg, one of only two viable condor eggs laid in North America this year. The Aviary has installed a new nest cam so you can watch their progress.

We got a chance to find out how it's going and what you'll be able to see when the egg hatches:

The female condor Lianni laid the egg at the National Aviary on Pittsburgh's North Shore on April 7. Both she and her mate, Lurch, are sitting on the egg, which is expected to hatch between June 6-9. The Aviary installed a new web cam so that they can keep an eye on the nest without disturbing the birds, and so people can watch the progress ( click here ).

(Above: the condors rarely leave the egg untended, but we caught a shot of the mango-sized egg during a moment when they were switching incubating shifts)

Here are some interesting facts about these condors and Andean condors in general:

  • They can live to be quite old, and can breed at an advanced age. Lianni is 35 years old; Lurch is 48
  • Lianni has produced four chicks in the past, three of which were released into the wild
  • If this chick hatches it will be the first condor baby at the Aviary in a decade
  • Andean condors are the world's largest flying bird with a 10-foot wingspan
  • Andean condors are threatened in the Andes Mountains, and critically endangered in Ecuador
  • The National Aviary's breeding program is part of a global effort to save the Andean condor

Click here to watch the nest cam . Click here to support the National Aviary in its breeding and conservation programs , like the effort to save the Andean condor. And you can volunteer at the Aviary by clicking here .

Lianni in the nest. The condors take turns incubating their egg.

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