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Watch This Officer Rescue A Child From A Car Wreck

We can't imagine the comfort and calm this child must have felt knowing that a hero was there to help.

Police officers help people every day in communities around the world. Many of these officers and other first responders risk their lives to protect people, and don't expect anything in return. They'll tell you it's their job.

What makes this story different is that an officer's body camera was rolling when his colleague, Twinsburg, OH officer Yamil Encarnacion, crawled into an overturned car to help a 4-year old girl. The terrified little girl was hanging upside down from her car safety seat.

As soon as officers arrived on the scene, they noticed that the girl's legs were losing color so they felt like they needed to do something ASAP to free her. You can see Encarnacion on the video, crawling over broken glass through a window to get to the 4-year old. He cuts through the straps on her safety seat and pulls her, still in the seat, out of the car.

Officer Encarnacion climbed right over piles of broken glass to get to the little girl.Twinsburg Police Department/Facebook

"Everything from there was just so fast," driver Emma Jameson told WOIO-TV. "I remember seeing the one officer carrying my daughter and the car seat and then he went back for my son and there was just blood all over his arms," said Jameson. Miraculously, Jameson, her daughter, and her two young sons suffered only minor injuries.

Jameson told police she had changed lanes to pass a slower moving vehicle westbound on Interstate 480. The car in front of her suddenly moved into the left lane too, and the driver slammed on the brakes. Jameson braked, tried to correct her steering, and ended up rolling over into the east bound lanes of the interstate. "I heard [the children] screaming so I knew none of them were dead. People keep telling me that we shouldn't have lived."

Officers pull the child safety seat out of the car, with the little girl handing on for dear life.Twinsburg Police Department/Facebook

Twinsburg Police Chief Christopher Noga praised his officers, but didn't make too big a deal out of it. "This is what we do and this is why we do what we do," said he wrote on the department's Facebook page.

"This is why I am honored to work with the best police officers and staff in the world."

"Most police officers do not think of themselves as extraordinary," Noga said. "We do what we do because we love our communities and want to serve them to the best of our abilities."This is also why we at Sparkt like to recognize our police officers and first responders for their selfless service! Where would we be without them?
How can you start something good?

Most of us won't be in a situation where we need to be rescued (thank goodness!) or where we need to rescue someone.

But why not take the opportunity to say thanks to your local police, firefighters and EMTs? Write a thank you note, get the neighborhood kids together to take a group "thank you" photo and post it to social media, or bake cookies and deliver them to your local first responders.

Even though they love what they do and don't expect a "thank you" it sure feels good!

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