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Watch The Moment A Man Asks His Brother With Down Syndrome To Be His ‘Best Man’

Thanks to a video he shared as he made the very special request, people all over the world are feeling the love!

Asking someone to be your 'best man' is not a task to be taken lightly. First, you have to determine who in your life is up to the role. And since it's guys doing the asking, you have to muster up the courage to reach out to the person you choose in a way that's not too flowery or overly formal.

When Will Claussen got engaged to the love of his life, there was no question who he wanted to stand by his side when he said "I do."

Will, who lives in Mankato, MN with his fiancée Alyssa Johns, knew he wanted to ask his younger brother Henry Joe, who lives with Down Syndrome, to be the best man at their wedding.

Instead of popping the question to Henry Joe over beers, Will came up with a better plan.

video c/o @KeepItClaussy

In a video recorded by Alyssa that was later posted to social media, Will and Henry Joe come across a glass bottle while digging in the garden.

Will feigns surprise as Henry Joe picks up the bottle and inspects it. After a moment, Henry Joe carefully pulls out a rolled-up piece of paper that's stuck inside the bottle.

Although Henry Joe was a bit suspicious, he was floored by the message written on the note inside the bottle. @KeepItClaussy

"Will, did you put this in here?" Henry Joe asks, a bit suspicious.

"No," Will says.

Will encourages his brother to read the contents of the letter out loud: "Henry Joe, you're already the best bro and the best friend, so will you say yes to being my best man? Love Will."

Once the words sink in, Henry Joe turns to his brother with a look of pure shock on his face.

"What?!" he exclaims.

"Do you want to be my best man?" Will asks.

Without another word, Henry Joe jumps into his brother's arms and squeaks out an emphatic, "Yes!" and the two embrace in a moment full of emotion and pure bliss.

After Will's request sinks in, the two brothers share a long embrace. @KeepItClaussy

As if the video couldn't get any sweeter, the family's dog Buddy runs out to join the lovefest at the end of the clip.

Will shared the video on his Instagram page with the caption: "In a World with much need for love and positivity, @claussenhenry_ always comes through."

The world could definitely use a lot more people like Henry Joe – and more heartfelt moments, like this one, to remind us there is still love in our world.

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