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Watch Mother's Tearful Thank You to Life-Saving Samaritans

They're helping get her son from Spokane to Boston for state-of-the-art surgery. There's still time for you to help.

A 4-year old boy needs life-saving surgery, but his family had no idea how they were going to get him the 3,000 from Spokane, Washington to Boston to have the operation. That is, until some generous business owners stepped forward.

Noah and his mom Tanasha just posted a pretty emotional thank-you on Facebook:

Here's the back story. Noah Alderson was born with multiple heart defects. Doctors told the family there was nothing they could do. Then surgeons at Boston Children's Hospital gave them hope: the docs believe they can save Noah's life with a state-of-the-art procedure.

Noah must travel with a ventilator. Noah the Brave Facebook page

But you might as well have told the Aldersons to climb Mt. Everest -- Noah has so many devices keeping him alive he can't go on a trip that far by car, or even by plane. Travelling in a recreational vehicle appeared to be the only option. So the Aldersons started a GoFundMe page to raise the money to pay for it.

That's when the miracle happened.

The Good News Network reports, a good Samaritan shared the link on the Outdoorsy RV Owners page on Facebook, and their members immediately got involved. Sebastian Bularz, of Seattle RV Adventures went out and purchased a brand new Class C RV for his company's fleet, and the Alderson family will be the first to use it.

Then the CEO of Outdoorsy, an Austin-based company that's kind of the "Airbnb of RVs" got involved. He's promised to cover the RV rental, mileage, campground costs, gas -- even a hotel room close to Boston Children's Hospital for the family's stay during the surgery.

"The minute we read the news about Noah, our team knew we had to help take this worry off their plate," Outdoorsy CEO Jeff Cavins told Good News Network. Cavin says his company is built on the importance of family time. "We are proud to be a small piece in Noah's bigger life story and to help fuel his love for 'big cars'."

"God has heard our prayers, even the silent ones we never mentioned" --Tanasha Alderson

Noah's journey will start August 1, with his surgery currently scheduled for August 19. Follow the family at Noah the Brave on Facebook, and we'll keep you posted here on Sparkt.

Thumbs up Noah! We're rooting for you. Noah the Brave Facebook page

You can still help Noah and his family by donating for the family's expenses at their GoFundMe page.

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