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Watch College Football Players Save A Life

You have to see the amazing video footage of the rescue.

While some college football teams are on the fence about whether they're going to be playing this season, players are continuing to find ways to support their community during the pandemic.

Last weekend, players on the Dixie State University football team in St. George, UT got their chance to be heroes off the field when they saved a young woman who was dangling from the edge of a cliff.

The football players didn't hesitate to help when a man asked for their help to pull a woman to safety. @bills_kelly

The players had gathered at the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain to have a team meeting during their fall camp and "look over the city and show how we're supposed to be a light and represent all of St. George," freshman quarterback Micah Gardner told ABC-4.

Shortly after they reached the top of the mountain, a man approached the players and asked them for their help. The man was hiking with a woman when she got her hair caught in her climbing gear and was dangling over the side of a cliff.

video c/o @LoniFangupo

The Trailblazers quickly formed a plan to get the woman to safety. A few players positioned themselves on either side of a rope to pull her up, while several others gathered at the bottom of the cliff in case she fell.

"The gentleman she was with asked for some help and we jumped right to it. I think anybody would step up and do the same thing," Paul Peterson, the team's head coach, said. "We had plenty of muscle to be able to get her up pretty quickly."

Some players held a rope while a few others gathered at the bottom of the cliff in case the woman fell. @LoniFangupo

Another coach who was with the team recorded a video on his phone as the men grabbed the rope and hoisted the woman over the top of the cliff. Although she was severely dehydrated, the woman was aware enough that she even joked a little with her rescuers.

"She was just like, 'Uh, next time I'll just tie my hair up,'" Gardner said. "I was like, 'Next time?' If that was me, I don't know if I'm getting back on there!"

Here's a view of the rescue from another angle....

video c/o @bills_kelly

The team said they felt blessed to be a part of the rescue, and feel they were placed there at just the right time to help the woman.

"We strive to be great men, on the football field but also in the community and in the classroom," senior wide receiver Deven Osborne said. "Eventually someone would've helped her up, but I was glad we could be the ones to help and that God put us in that situation."

Micah Gardner, freshman corner back (L), and Kyle Floyd, freshman safety (R) said they were inspired and humbled by the rescue at Sugarloaf.Screenshot: ABC-4

The team's coaches also recognized the efforts of Commander Scott Veach of the Chandler Police Department, who, although he wasn't on duty at the time, jumped in to help with the rescue without a harness or any safety restraints.

"Commander Scott Veach displayed his willingness to protect and serve by placing himself in harm's way to save this young lady," Coach Hebron Fangupo wrote in a Twitter post. "I watched in awe as he stood at the very edge with nothing to secure him. Real HERO'S at WORK!!!"

Local police commander Scott Veach played an important part in the rescue. @LoniFangupo

What an amazing and inspiring story! These heroes deserve all the praise for coming to the woman's aid. We're sure they made their community proud!

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