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WATCH: Brad Paisley Thanks Farm Owners By Giving Them The Surprise Of Their Lives

Their reaction to the country singer's act of kindness will move you – you might want to grab a Kleenex!

Even with all of the bad news during the coronavirus pandemic, there are people who are doing what they can to help those who are struggling.

That includes country music singer turned do-gooder Brad Paisley who has been spreading cheer by doing virtual happy hours with frontline workers and offering free groceries to seniors at his no-cost store in Nashville, TN.

For Paisley's most recent act of kindness, he partnered with Amazon Prime Video to film an episode of their "Regular Heroes" docu-series, which tells the stories of essential workers across the country.

In the preview for the episode, Paisley reaches out to Daniel and Danielle Hayden, a married couple who owns a Purdue chicken farm in rural Kentucky, to thank them for all of the hard work they've been doing to keep the farm going during the pandemic.

Regular Heroes Docuseries I Episode 6 – Brad Paisley I Prime Video www.youtube.com

The couple recently inherited the farm from Daniel's father, and since Covid hit, they've been struggling to keep up with supply and demand while making sure they, and their farmhands, stay safe.

"First of all, I'm excited to finally talk to you and I so appreciate you keeping the food chain going for all of us," Paisley told the couple over a FaceTime chat.

Paisley surprised the couple during a FaceTime chat during his episode of Amazon's "Everyday Heroes" series. YouTube

During the call, Paisley asked the couple to walk outside and check out a few gifts he left for them. Among the stack of surprise goodies was a year's supply of N95 masks, which have become increasingly hard to find.

"This is what we use on the daily in our chicken houses," Daniel said. "Thank you, that's awesome."

Follow along as Daniel gives a tour of his farm's chicken houses...

Underneath the boxes of N95 masks, the couple found another package containing two matching belt buckles with "Hayden Farms" printed on them to "tie the generations together."

The most sentimental gift came last, when Paisley informed the couple, who've been having trouble trying to conceive, that Amazon would be providing them with fertility treatments to help with their goal of starting a family.

Hayden Farms has been passed down to multiple generations. Daniel and Danielle are hoping to keep the trend going. Hayden Farms/Facebook

"Medical help from this can get pretty expensive," Paisley explained. "So, as a show of support, we'd like to help the two of you with fertility treatments in the hopes that you can have a child to pass this farm down to, keeping it in the family."

With that, the waterworks turned on and the couple embraced for a moment as the news sunk in.

"That means the world to us," Daniel said through his tears. "That is our number one priority is passing it on to the next generation. We've had trouble with that for a while."

The Haydens were moved to tears when they found out they were given free fertility treatments by Amazon to help start their family. YouTube

We love stories of people teaming up to do good things for others, especially during such tough times. We're sure the Hayden family will never forget Paisley's incredible act of kindness!

How can you start something good?

You can watch Amazon's "Regular Heroes" docu-series by clicking here.

Also, be sure to thank an essential worker any chance you get!

They're the real unsung heroes of the pandemic. Let's show them the appreciation they deserve.

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