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Waitress' "Faith Restored" After Young Diners' Act of Kindness

She was so impressed by their behavior that she had to share it with the world.

As a retired restaurant server, I remember the feeling when a group of young diners would come in, without their parents. My fellow servers and I would cringe at the thought of waiting on them, as it's common knowledge that customers of a certain age can be loud and obnoxious and often don't tip well, or not at all.

That's why, when I heard the story of a Michigan waitress who had her 'faith restored' after a group of middle schoolers came in and acted on their best behavior, it brought a huge smile to my face.

Nicole Marie, a waitress at the Red Dog Saloon in Milford, MI, shared a story to Facebook after working a Friday evening shift. Earlier that day, she waited on a group of sixth grade boys who came into the restaurant without their parents. They ordered wings and soda, and one of the boys said they had been looking forward to it for weeks.

“They were so excited and were EXTREMELY polite the whole entire time, using please and thank you and trying to make it as easy as possible for me to get their order; they even told me they'd tip well," Marie told TODAY Food. “One of the boys even told his friend to get off the phone when I was talking to them!"

Nicole Marie Facebook

Along with her story, Marie posted a photo of the table where the boys sat. After they were done eating, they had neatly stacked and organized their dishes and glasses to make it easier for her to clean up. She said that in her 10 years of waitressing at the saloon, she's never seen anything like it.

"I don't waitress as often anymore, but from my past experience, I would say this isn't the normal (behavior of kids)," she said.

Marie wasn't the only one who noticed the boys' exemplary behavior. A fellow diner ended up covering the tab for the group's meal to pay it forward.

Marie's post has gotten over 27K likes and has been shared over 10,000 times. Over a thousand people commented, sharing their appreciation for the boys and acknowledging their parents for raising such thoughtful and polite kids.

“Those parents should be very proud of their 'Gentlemen,'" one person wrote.

“That's awesome," another person commented. “Wish more parents raised such responsible & polite kids!"

Inspired by the boys' act of kindness? It's easy to be polite and respectful of others – and it's something you can practice every day. You can start by doing something simple, like cleaning up your table a bit after dining out, and eventually move on to bigger acts, like paying for someone's meal or treating a stranger to a cup of coffee. Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

How can you start something good?
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