Wait Until You See How This ‘Llamactivist’ Is Spreading Peace At Protests

This wasn't the first time the gentle giant marched for human rights – and it likely won't be his last.

As protests continue all over the country in the wake of George Floyd's death, we've seen people carrying signs, playing music and wearing clothing that expresses their feelings about racial injustice in America.

One man even brought a llama.

Yes, you read that correctly.

"Caesar The No Drama Llama" made an appearance on the sixth day of protests in downtown Portland, OR, much to the delight of the crowd of thousands who had gathered in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Larry McCool is Caesar's (pronounced "SAY-zar") owner, and he says that the fluffy creature is no stranger to fighting for human rights. The "llamactivist" has also attended the Women's March and other community events alongside McCool.

In addition to his activism, Caesar is a therapy llama, and he makes frequent visits to local school children and senior citizens at nursing homes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, McCool would take Caesar for walks outside of assisted living facilities so the residents could visit with him through their windows.

Caesar and McCool marched alongside protestors in Portland, OR. Twitter

While Caesar shares space with 15 other llamas at the Mystic Llama Farm in Jefferson, OR, McCool says the No Drama Lama stands out because of his peaceful personality.

"I've been to many, many shows around the country, I've seen hundreds if not thousands of llamas, and I've never seen a llama that has the personality and the love that [Caesar] has for people," McCool said in an interview with Oregon Live last year. His patience and "unique people skills" are the No Drama Llama's trademark.

Along with going to protests, Caesar is a therapy animal who works with children and senior citizens. Barry Shapiro/Facebook

News of Caesar's presence at the protests quickly moved through the crowd as protestors stopped to take selfies with him and give him hugs.

"We wanted to show solidarity with everybody up there," McCool told TODAY. "He just brings love and spreads the love."

Caesar the No Drama Llama made his way through the crowd of thousands who had gathered to protest after the death of George Floyd. @891thePoint

McCool and Caesar marched with the crowd for almost three miles and joined in a moment of silence on Portland's Burnside Bridge, where protestors laid on the ground quietly to honor the more than eight minutes that George Floyd spent in handcuffs while a Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee against Floyd's neck.

McCool and Caesar joined a moment of silence in honor of George Floyd on the Burnside Bridge. @islandgirl_024

"When we got invited to the event (by a friend), I think the intent was to kind of take the edge off," McCool said. "Nobody's going to tear-gas a llama, right?"

As the day progressed, Caesar started to blend in with the protestors, and even though he couldn't shout along with them, his message was clear.

"Caesar has no voice of his own but even more people don't have a voice, so he's here to represent the voiceless," McCool said. "The ones who feel left out in society and life."

What an inspiring animal! We would love to see more llamas popping up at protests around the country.

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