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What A Special Way To Say 'I Do!' Wait Until You See How This Couple Celebrated Their Wedding Day

They could have felt sorry for themselves when they had to cancel their reception due to the pandemic. Instead, they decided to give back to their community.

The guest list was set, venue reserved, and the caterer and DJ has been booked. However, like countless other couples who were supposed to be getting down on the dance floor at their weddings in 2020, Tyler and Melanie Tapajna had to rethink their plans.

When Tyler and Melanie Tapajna's wedding plans were canceled, they decided to give back to others.The City Mission/Facebook

Instead of the 150-person reception they were originally hoping for, the Parma, OH couple opted for a small backyard wedding and decided to donate the food they already paid for to a local homeless shelter.

"It was really either have the big wedding or donate the food," Melanie told CNN. "We were actually kind of excited I think more about donating the food than being stressed during the wedding."

The couple wore their formal wedding attire as they served residents catered food from a local food truck/catering company. The City Mission/Facebook

After a small ceremony with close family members, the newlyweds hustled over to Laura's Home, a women and children's facility run by the the City Mission of Cleveland, to serve food catered by Ohio-based food truck and catering service, Betty's Bomb Ass Burgers.

Melanie wore her wedding dress along with a white face mask and hairnet while Tyler donned a black tuxedo and the required face mask, hairnet and gloves. The happy couple smiled and chatted as they served fried chicken, green beans and macaroni and cheese to the 140 women and children in the shelter's dining hall.

The couple said they were happy to donate the food and avoid the stress of having a big wedding. The City Mission/Facebook

"Something like that had never occurred before," Rich Trickel, the CEO of The City Mission, said of the event. "It was really unbelievable, especially when you think of many of our clients, the women and kids that are in our building, possibly have never been at a wedding like that before."

Over 130 women and children enjoyed the food donated by the Tapajnas on their wedding day. The City Mission/Facebook

After the event, Melanie shared her thoughts in a Facebook post: "As Tyler Tapajna and I lay down after a long day, we are reminiscing on all of the smiling faces we met today. We were blessed to be surrounded by such love and courtesy by The City Mission. We were welcomed with cheers and a nice 'welcome to your reception.' Covid may have cancelled our original plans, but God gave us so much more today."

The event brought lots of happiness to the families at the shelter, most of whom are currently homeless. The City Mission/Facebook

What a memorable way to say "I do!" Hopefully other engaged couples will be inspired by the Tapajna's donation and pledge to do something similar. That's a new wedding trend we'd love to see!

How can you start something good?

Inspired by the couple's incredible act of kindness? You might not be in a position to feed an entire shelter, but you can give back to your community in other ways.

Consider making a donation to your local food bank, or signing up to volunteer at a nearby shelter or soup kitchen.

There are plenty of ways to volunteer your time during the pandemic - click here to get matched with an opportunity in your area!

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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