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Cops Create Magic For Kids. No Parents, They Can't Make Your Traffic Ticket Disappear!

Watch as these officers demonstrate their great ideas to keep kids entertained during the coronavirus crisis.

With residents of most states still on lockdown orders until at least the first week of May, police officers are bringing some joy to kids who are stuck at home.

The New Hampshire State Police Department has started a weekly series called #FridayFunWithNHSP, where they record videos of themselves sharing different experiences for children to follow along with at home.

Trooper Richard Perreault, who has been with the department since 2006, has been sharing videos of himself performing magic tricks at the station.

Check out Trooper Perreault in action...

Perreault first started practicing magic when he worked at a magic shop in his hometown during high school. Even after the shop closed down, he kept working at his craft.

"It's been fun for me, it's a great outlet, and it's been fun for me for as many years as I've been doing it," Perreault told WMUR.

Now, three decades later, Perreault is thrilled he can share his talents with the rest of the world, including his colleagues who admit they've been impressed by their fellow officer's hidden talent.

"I've never seen his magic firsthand and it was exceptional, so I'm still trying to figure out how he does what he does," NHSP's Major John Marasco said.

Every week, the department puts out another video on social media using the hashtag #FridayFunWithNHSP.

For one #FridayFunWithNHSP, Lieutenant Brendan Davey and his daughter sang a song together. NHSP Facebook

Along with singing and performing magic tricks, the officers have read children's stories and given tours of police helicopters, all to help lift the spirits of kids who have been isolated at home now for weeks.

Here's Trooper Stone reading a Baby Shark book from her squad car...

"With what is taking place right now with the pandemic, there is so much that's being asked of the organization," Marasco said. "But, you always find time to make sure that we're reaching out to people and that we're doing what we can to help children get through this difficult time."

People have reacted positively to the NHSP's efforts to reach out to the community, and they've received hundreds of likes and responses to their videos.

NHSP Trooper Richard Perreault does online magic tricks to keep kids entertained at home. NHSP Facebook

"Thank you for this," one user wrote. "The kids' worlds are pretty shaken up, and your outreach is so welcome and wonderful!"

"Keep up to good work guys," another person commented. "We all love you."

What a sweet and fun way to give kids something to look forward to during the pandemic. We can't wait to see what the officers have up their sleeves for this next #FridayFunWithNHSP.

The officers encourage kids to send their drawings to be featured on #FridayFunWithNHSP.NHSP Facebook

How can you start something good?

Inspired by the NHSP's creativiy?

You may not know any magic tricks, or have a huge social media following, but you can use your own talents to bring joy to others who are struggling during the pandemic.

Bake cookies for lonely seniors, make a funny video and send it to someone who could use a laugh, stick a teddy bear in your window for little kids to see when they walk by – there are lots of opportunities to spread cheer during a dark time. Just use your imagination!

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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