Wait Until You See How A Group Of High School Football Players Helped A Man In A Wheelchair Reach His Goal

They could have easily said no and kept on walking. What they did instead will amaze you.

The young men who play football for James Logan High in Union City, CA know there's much more to the game than what happens on the field.

When a group of players went hiking at Mission Peak last weekend, they came across a man in a wheelchair who was struggling to reach the summit. He had gotten pretty close, but due to the steepness and rocky terrain of the last part of the trail, he couldn't go any further. The man, whose name is Filipe, asked the group of young men if they would be willing to help him reach the top.

Without hesitation, the group turned around and pulled the man's chair up the remaining part of the trail.

Even though the young men were on their way back down the mountain, they stopped and turned around to help Filipe reach his goal. @Chase_Sims5

"We were willing to help him make it all the way," Logan High's assistant coach Cedric Lousi shared in a Twitter post. "A few people told us of another way that would take us all the way up, so we walked down a bit then started the journey back up to the top. It wasn't easy but to have Filipe say he made it to the top of mission peak was worth it!"

video c/o @Chase_Sims5

Once the crew reached the top of the mountain, they smiled and posed for photos with Filipe and his family members.

The player's coach Ricky Rodriguez said he wasn't surprised when he heard about his players' kind deed.

"I wasn't surprised at all because I get an opportunity to see it every day with these guys," Rodriguez told the Mercury News. "But, obviously with everything that's going on around our country and our world it still amazes me that these kids can still go out and make a difference in our community."

Once they reached the top, the players posed for photos with Filipe and his family. @Chase_Sims5

A few of the players work with special needs students at Logan High, so helping others is a skill that comes naturally to them.

One of the young men who was part of the hiking group is Chase Sims. Sims recently graduated from LHS and is now a freshman running back at Laney College in Oakland, CA.

"It was an honor helping someone, and I learned and found out more about myself and the impact I can have not only on (an) individual but an entire community. Blessed," Sims, who rushed for 1,800 yard last year at LHS, wrote in a tweet.

Felipe thanked the players "from the bottom of his heart" for getting him up the mountain. Felipe Kali Gonzalez/Facebook

"It tells you the character he has, and the character all these young men have that people don't always see, especially when they see certain skin tones," Laney's coach John Beam said of the rising sports star. "I've taken my team to Hawaii and people came up to me and said 'Your team was so well-behaved.' I thanked them but then I thought to myself, 'Why wouldn't they be? Because it's a team of 38 Black guys?'"

What an amazing act of kindness for Filipe, who just needed a little bit of a boost to get to the peak. As Louisi said in a follow up Twitter post, "There will always be mountains to climb in life and as we journey together helping each other out, we all reach the top!"

How can you start something good?

Inspired by the football players' selfless act of kindness?

You might not get the opportunity to help someone reach the top of a mountain, but you can be open to helping others whenever the opportunity arises. Where most folks would say no, why not be the one who says yes? Whether it's helping a friend to move, guiding someone who's lost or assisting someone with a disability who might need a hand - we can all do our part to help those in our community who need it most.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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