Not All Heroes Wear Capes. Some Drive Boats. Wait Until You See A Family's Daring Effort To Rescue A Bear

When they saw the animal struggling in the water, they didn't hesitate to jump into action.

When the Hurt family went out for a ride on their boat one evening, they thought they might catch a few walleye. What they didn't expect was to come across a baby bear whose life was threatened thanks to a careless litterbug.

The family was cruising on Marsh-Miller Lake near their home in Wisconsin when they saw the bear, who was struggling to free himself from a plastic tub that was stuck on his head.

The family didn't think twice about devising a plan to remove the plastic tub from the bear's head. Tricia Hurt/Facebook

As the family drove the boat closer to the animal, they realized the bear wasn't going to be able to pull off the container while it was swimming, so the they decided to do what they could to help save him.

Tricia Hunt shared a video of the rescue to Facebook, and you can hear her concern as they pull the boat up next to the bear.

"You gotta get up there closer," she says a bit nervously as they approach the animal. (They are saving a bear, after all.)

"Poor thing's got a tub on its head," she continues.

Once they're in arm's length of the cub, Tricia's husband Brian reaches over and gives the tub a yank, but unfortunately, he isn't able to get it loose.

"I had the dang thing, I just couldn't get it off," Brian says, concerned. "One more pull and I would have had it."

Even when Brian failed at his first attempt, the family pulled the boat around to try again. Tricia Hurt/Facebook

The family circles the boat around a second time, and once they're close enough, Brian reaches over the side of the boat and gives the tub a strong pull with both hands. This time he frees the bear, and after shaking his head a few times, it swims off towards the shore.

"We saved our little bear," Triscia says excitedly. "Swim happy!"

After the family's second attempt, the bear was freed and was able to swim to safety. Tricia Hurt/Facebook

As the family watches the animal paddle off into the sunset, Tricia comments, "This has been a night."

What an amazing act of kindness by the Hurt family, who definitely went above and beyond to save the cub's life. If they hadn't happened upon the bear when they did, the outcome could have been much worse. Tricia, Brian and their son Brady are all heroes in our book!

After freeing the bear, the family watched happily as it swam away. Tricia Hurt/Facebook

How can you start something good?

Inspired by the Hurt family's incredible animal rescue?

While you might not get the opportunity to save a bear cub, you can help to protect wildlife by following rules when you're outdoors at recreational areas and always, always pick up and properly dispose of your trash.

And, if the opportunity arises to help an animal that's in trouble, be like the Hurts and try to save a life!

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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