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Wait Until You Hear What These Cops Did For A Woman Who Dialed 911 When Her Refrigerator Broke

Even though it wasn't really an emergency, the officers went above and beyond to help her out.

In these days of the coronavirus, even the smallest problems can seem like emergencies.

For example, when my three-year-old found out I ran out of 'Peppa Pig' band-aids when she skinned her knee last week, you would have thought we needed to summon a fleet of ambulances by the screams coming from inside our house. And, the thought of packing up my hysterical daughter with our masks and hand sanitizer and making the seven-mile trip to Target to buy a new pack, was not an enjoyable option to consider.

But, alas, the drama eventually subsided, and we survived to live another day.

An elderly woman in Florida recently dialed 911 when her refrigerator stopped running and all of the food inside was in danger of spoiling. She didn't have the money to get it fixed or buy a new one, so she reached out to the Martin County Sheriff's Office for assistance.

When the deputies arrived at Cheryl Nanartonis' home in Jensen Beach, they kindly explained that the 911 line is meant for real emergencies only. But the woman "believed she was in a crisis" and didn't know what else to do.

The Martin County deputies rushed to help a woman who called 911 when her fridge stopped working. Martin County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

The officers wanted to do something to help, so they reached out to a local Goodwill and arranged for a gently used refrigerator to be donated to Nanartonis - they even had it delivered the same day.

The department later shared the kind deed on their Facebook page and posted a few photos of the deputies and Nanartonis with her new, working appliance.

The officers arranged for a local Goodwill to donate a gently used fridge for the woman and even had it delivered the same day. Martin County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

The post has been shared almost 900 times and received over 600 comments from folks all over the country.

"That's awesome they helped this lady in her crisis," Gary Miller wrote. "While it was not a crisis for most, it was for her and they went out of their way to help. Kudos to these officers and the Goodwill who donated. This is what true America is all about."

A local food pantry even offered to provide Nanartonis with a month's worth of food.

"Elev8hope Compassion in Action will be honored to carry her with food for one month," Rinamarie Esposito-Shpiruk, the organization's founder, commented. "Deputies have access to our pantry. Please take what she needs. Love thy neighbor."

What an inspiring story of people coming together to help those in need in their community. Kudos to the officers and the Goodwill for helping out in such a big way!

How can you start something good?

Inspired by the deputies' incredible act of kindness?

You might not have the opportunity to buy someone a new fridge, but you can lend a hand to those in need whenever you get the chance. Also, consider donating to your local food bank to make sure those who are struggling in your community stay fed.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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