Wait Until You Hear How People Joined Together To Make This Epic Cat Rescue Happen

You can also watch the rescue, thanks to a neighbor who used Facebook live to find a guy with a really tall ladder, then captured it all on tape!

With everything that's going on in the world right now, the last thing someone needs is for their cat to get stuck in a tree.

But that's exactly what happened on Monday in Springfield, MO, when Cheese the cat climbed a neighbor's tree and refused to come down. Due to the height of the tree it was going to take the fire department, or someone with an incredibly long ladder, to reach him.

Somehow the cat had climbed almost to the top of a very tall tree - and it was up to the neighbors to save him. Jayson Maloney

The situation became more urgent when the sky darkened as severe storms were expected to roll through the area.

Several neighbors gathered in Miss Betty's backyard, where the tree was located, to see what they could do for the poor feline. Betty wasn't sure who the cat belonged to, and when she tried calling the fire department and other animal rescue services in the community, they were all unavailable or too busy to help.

A group of concerned neighbors gathered near the tree to help rescue Cheese. Jayson Maloney

One of the neighbors, Jayson Maloney, started reporting live on his Facebook page to try and find someone with a ladder or some other equipment that could reach the cat, who was probably 70-80 feet above the ground.

"We are requesting that if anyone in the area has a large ladder, a cherry picker, please share this video," Maloney said in his Facebook Live post. "It's going to take a village to remove this cat."

Here's the Facebook Live video that helped save Cheese. It's over an hour long, and while Maloney's reporting skills make the clip in its entirety pretty entertaining, you can skip to the 1:08 mark to see the rescue...

Maloney used the hashtag #SaveCheese to draw attention to his plea and jokingly added, "Cat lives matter!"

Neighbors tried climbing up part of the tree and luring the kitty down with treats and food, but the cat just retreated higher into the tree.

The cat's owner Bruce arrived after seeing the video online and tried to call the cat by his name to get him to come down.

Thanks to Edgar, the cat was removed safely from the tree and returned to his owner (in the red shirt). Jayson Maloney

Eventually, a man named Edgar arrived in a red pickup truck. Edgar owns and runs Four Seasons Tree Service, and he had the equipment needed to get the cat down safely.

Maloney encouraged all of the viewers to leave five star reviews for Edgar's company to thank him for coming to the cat's rescue.

"Everybody go leave Edgar a five-star review," Maloney said. "He's the first person to actually show up and help."

Maloney encouraged viewers to leave positive reviews for Edgar's tree service. Jayson Maloney

The sky continued to darken as Edgar strapped on his harness and began scaling the tree to get to Cheese.

Thankfully, Edgar was able to remove the cat safely before it started raining.

Since Edgar wouldn't take any money, Maloney started a collection of donations on his behalf that will be given to the area's Covid-19 relief fund. Jayson Maloney

Maloney and the group offered Edgar a tip for his services, but he refused and said "it's not about that."

We love a good animal rescue story. Kudos to Edgar for taking the time out of his busy schedule to help rescue this daring furball - and thanks to Maloney for doing a great job of getting the word out. We think he might have a job as a news anchor in the future!

Here's Maloney and his "favorite" neighbor Cheese, safe on solid ground. Jayson Maloney

How can you start something good?

Even though Edgar didn't want to accept any tips for rescuing the cat, Maloney is gathering donations for the Covid-19 Relief Fund on his behalf. If you'd like to contribute, you can Venmo @jaysonsocial or send him a Facebook payment.

And while you may not be able to rescue a cat stuck in a tree, you can always be open to helping others when the need arises. Instead of saying no, be like Edgar and say yes if you have the ability to lend a hand. You might be the hero in our next story!

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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