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Wait Until You Hear How Airport Workers Got A Six-Year-Old’s Plush Toy Back To Him

It's even sweeter that the toy had such a significant meaning to its owner, who accidentally left it behind on a plane.

Anyone who has a toddler knows how crucial it is to know where their favorite stuffed animals are at all times. On the rare occasions when they do go missing, the outcome can be disastrous.

That's why, when a young passenger left behind a plush Dalmatian toy at the Cincinnati airport last week, the airline staff went to great lengths (literally!) to get the missing doll back to its owner.

When the airport's staff found the toy, they decided to have some fun with it and took photos of the plush pet wearing a tiny face mask while taking in some of the terminal's attractions, including getting a tour of the airport's on-site firehouse and enjoying a canine-friendly treat at Graeter's ice cream.

When the staff at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport found a stuffed animal left behind by one of their passengers, they took it on a "tour" of the terminal. @CVGairport

The staff posted the photos to social media and encouraged their followers to share them in hopes of tracking down the toy's owner. A spokeswoman for the airport said that the posts reached over one million people.

The stuffed toy paid a visit to one of the airport's security dogs. @CVGairport

Within a few days, the airport heard from the parents of the boy who left his beloved stuffed animal behind when they were traveling to visit family.

"I think our son was half asleep when he left Masch-Masch (the dog's nickname) at the terminal," Doug Ronco, the boy's father, told WUSA-9. "Under normal circumstances, he would never forget him."

The airport eventually tracked down the toy's owner: a six-year-old Florida boy named Jaydence.@CVGairport

Turns out, a judge had given the Ronco's son Jaydence the stuffed dog on the day that his adoption by the couple was finalized. Needless to say, the dog is "very special to him" and he was devastated when he realized it was missing.

The family was thankful that the airline had found the dog and were thrilled to hear about the special treatment it was getting by the airport staff.

Masch-Masch even got to take a tour of the airport's fire station. @CVGairport

"The times we are in, some people see the humor in something lighthearted, and others say, 'Is this all you can do, talk about this stupid stuffed animal?'" Doug said, jokingly.

The airline documented Masch-Masch's big send-off to Jaydence and the gleeful reunion at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport in Florida, near the family's home in Madeira Beach.

The Ronco family was thrilled to get Masch-Masch back to their home in Madeira Beach, FL. @CVGairport

The Ronco family brought cookies for the staff members who helped get the stuffed animal home to Jaydence and posed for a few photos with the attendants in the terminal. Jaydence was joined by his parents and his two brothers, who are also adopted and carried their own special gifts with them.

Fans who had been following the story were overjoyed when the airport shared photos of the happy reunion.

The search for Masch-Masch's owner caused quite a stir on social media. @CVGairport

"So glad they were reunited," one person wrote. "Kudos to the airport personnel that helped that happen!!!"

"Awe my heart is so happy for Jett and his family," another fan commented.

Masch-Masch got to sit in the plane's cockpit before his flight back home to Jaydence. @CVGairport

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Kudos to everyone involved in getting Masch-Masch back to his human!

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