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Volunteers Carry Disabled Woman up Mountain to Grant Her 'Bucket List' Wish

When they found out she never had the chance to fulfill one of her childhood dreams, they sprang into action.

"What's something you wanted to do, but never got to do it?"

This question was posted to the Tully Community Cuppa and Chats Facebook group page last month.

Janelle Boston, a 55-year-old grandmother from Queensland, Australia, immediately thought about the time when she was a young girl and was supposed to climb Mount Tully. Unfortunately, the hike was cancelled due to bad weather. Boston figured she would do the hike another time, but when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in her 20s, she crossed it off her bucket list.

So, when Boston saw the Facebook post, she felt compelled to answer and mentioned her dream of climbing Mount Tully.

When the group's administrator, Graham Sollitt, saw the comment, he admitted he got a bit emotional.

"After I read that, I sort of had a lump in my throat and I thought, 'My God, we have to try and do something about it,'" he told ABC News .

Sollitt posted a reply to Boston's comment. "Janelle, never say can't or never, there's always hope."

Sollitt got to work recruiting people to help him in his mission to get Boston up the mountain. First, he reached out to the Tully Rugby League to see if they could take her with them on a training run. Once they were on board, Sollitt got his fitness trainer in on the action and she invited some of her clients to join the mission as well.

Check out a video of this awesome act of kindness in action...

A local welder even created a custom chair for the crew to use to carry Boston up the mountain with ease.

On the day of the hike, over 40 volunteers showed up at the base of Mount Tully to help Boston realize her dream. They carried her four at a time, although they had to get creative when they crossed over some of the more difficult sections of the hike.

"For a lot of it in the steeper parts we used everyone, so we'd make a file and then we'd just pass her along through everyone's hands," fitness trainer Tracie Harris said. "Then we'd all file around and do it again and keep doing that until we got through the steep bits so no-one would slip with her on [the chair]."

Boston's mother, Isabell Semken, said her daughter was "just beaming" when she was presented with flowers when she reached the bottom of the mountain.

"Those people that took her up there are just amazing," Sollitt said. "This is what Tully's like. This is what the people in Tully are like. I've got goosebumps now. It's just amazing."

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(Source: images & video c/o Tully Tigers Rugby League Football Club Facebook )

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