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Unbelievable! You Have To See The Moment When A Police Officer Saves A Man From An Oncoming Train

She didn't hesitate to risk her own life to pull the man to safety.

Like a scene right out of a movie, Officer Erika Urrea of the Lodi (CA) Police Department saw an elderly man in a wheelchair who appeared to be stuck on some railroad tracks.

Incredible bodycam footage released by Lodi PD shows the moment when Urrea hears the sound of a train approaching and noticed the crossing arms over the track starting to lower. She immediately puts her car in park, jumps out of the squad car and sprints full speed toward the 66-year-old man.

"Can you get up?" she asks him.

The man doesn't respond, forcing Urrea to act quickly as the sound of the train's horn grows closer and closer. She pulls the man from the chair and they both fall to the pavement, the man's legs landing just inches from the tracks.

video c/o Lodi Police Department

As Officer Urrea gets up and rushes back toward the man, you can hear her calling for an ambulance on her radio.

The entire incident took place over about fifteen seconds – just enough time for Officer Urrea to save the man's life.

"The only thing that was running through my mind at that time was to get him off the tracks, just get him off the tracks," Officer Urrea told Fox News.

Officer Erika Urrea is being called a hero for saving the man's life. Screenshot: ABC News

The accident did seriously injure the 66-year-old man's legs, but the outcome would have been much worse if Officer Urrea hadn't come to his rescue.

"It just came down to, someone needed help, and we go out there and help them," the 14-year veteran police officer and single mom said.

You can see Officer Urrea pulling the man's legs (in plaid pants) away from the tracks as the train's wheels go by.Screenshot: YouTube

The Lodi Police Department shared the video of Officer Urea to their Facebook page along with the following caption: "Officer Urrea risked her own life to save another and her actions prevented a tragedy today. We are extremely proud of Officer Erika Urrea and her heroism."

The post has gotten thousands of likes and has been shared over a thousand times.

"Thank you for your selfless act, your bravery and for protecting the community I call my home," one person wrote. "What you did saved that man's life! Thank you Officer Urrea!!!"

Sadly, the man who Officer Urrea saved sustained serious leg injuries, however he wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for her bravery! GoFundMe

What an amazing moment of courage and pure selflessness. Officer Urrea is definitely a hero in our book!

How can you start something good?

The family of the man who was pulled from the wheelchair has started a GoFundMe account to help raise money to buy him a wheelchair, since his was destroyed by the train. Click here to donate.

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