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TV News Photographer Gives Up His Shoes While On A Shoot

He saw someone who "needed them more" than he did. Now he's getting unexpected praise from all over.

Someone on Facebook commented that Jerome Akintunde's mother must have raised him right and would be proud of him. We bet she would be too, because of something he did while on a story shoot for KOTV in Tulsa, OK, earlier this week.

If it were up to Jerome none of us would know about his unselfish act, but his reporter, Reagan Ledbetter, wasn't about to let that happen and posted the whole story on his Facebook page .

I just witnessed true KINDNESS. This morning at 7:30 my photographer and I finished up our last live shot of the morning (very cold morning) at the Tulsa County Jail.

All of a sudden my photographer started walking towards the entrance of the jail. After I put the gear in the car I look over and I see him talking to a man in shorts and a t-shirt, with no shoes on...just socks. He just got out of jail minutes earlier. It was 25 degrees outside.

That's when all of a sudden I noticed my photographer take his shoes off... then he slid them over to the shivering man. The man put them on. I saw him say 'thank you' and my photographer walked back to our car.

As he walked up, I looked at him and said 'did you just give away your shoes?' ... he looks at me and says 'he needed them more than me. It's cold out here.'

Thank you Jerome. Thank you for setting an example of kindness and selflessness. You made me want to be a better person this morning.

You can see Jerome's stocking feet better in this shot

So far the Facebook posting has gotten 5K likes and 400 comments, praising Akintunde kindness toward the inmate. "This might be what turns his life around, one act of kindness," wrote Linda. "Goes to show there are still decent people in this world," said Stephanie. "The true meaning of Christmas," added Robert. We couldn't agree more!

The inmate gave permission to take and share his picture - with Jerome's shoes!

You may not be in position to take off your shoes on the street and give them to someone else. But maybe there's a homeless shelter near you where they'd be glad to take the coats and sweaters and shoes you no longer wear and give them to someone who, in the words of Jerome Akintunde "needs them more." You'll feel warm.... on the inside.

How can you start something good?
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