Traffic Situation a Little Sweeter Around Popular New Bakery

New turning restrictions, more signs and police patrols make it easier to get to and from the new "destination" bakery -- and easier on neighbors

The gridlock created by the opening of the new 19 thousand square foot Oakmont Bakery in Oakmont, PA, appears to be easing now that police have instituted new turning restrictions along Hulton Road.

The Valley News Dispatch says people headed along Hulton toward the Hulton Bridge can't turn left on Third Street between 7-9 a.m and 2-4 p.m. That's the busiest time in the area because traffic around Riverview High School next door is also at its peak.

Police are reinforcing the restriction by setting up a barrier on Third Street during student arrival and dismissal times. Those times coincide with existing restrictions that allow motorists on Third Street to make right turns only onto Hulton Road.

Bakery owner Marc Serrao e-mailed the News Dispatch to say that he is "100 percent behind" the changes, which are helping with the additional traffic at an already-busy intersection. Serrao says they've also added signage on their property to direct people off the street and into their parking lot.

"We will continue to work at making our parking situation as quick, efficient and, most importantly, safe as possible." Marc Serrao, Owner, Oakmont Bakery

The News Dispatch says fines for violating the posted restrictions are $170 per infraction.

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