This Program Can Help Seniors Save Thousands And Stay Home Longer

This could be the answer for many seniors to get extra care at home, and stay out of a nursing home.

Now more than ever, the decision for older Pennsylvanians to stay at home or move to a nursing home can be even more difficult and more costly. As home healthcare needs grow, so does the expense, but there is a way to get financial help to stay at home longer.

That's where Julian Gray and his team of Certified Elder Law Attorneys at Julian Gray Associates come in. They help families prepare to take on the financial burden of private home health-care costs. One of the tools is the Pennsylvania Aging Waiver Program.

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Sparkt founder Marty Griffin found out from Julian how the program works, plus how it can keep families together at home and save thousands in expenses.

The Aging Waiver Program provides home and community based services to people age 60 or older who are clinically eligible for nursing facility care. They also have to meet certain income and resource tests.

This program is funded through Pennsylvania's Medicaid program with a waiver of the federal requirements so you can get coverage for services in a person's own home.

Those services include: personal care services, home health aides, medical equipment and supplies, transportation and home health visits, among others.

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To find out if your or your loved ones qualify is simple. The first step is setting up a no-cost consultation with Julian Gray Associates. They will assess your situation and let you know if you qualify, potentially saving thousands of dollars that could have come out-of-pocket for this type of care.

About Julian Gray Associates:

Providing Integrated Elder Law And Estate Planning Solutions

Julian Gray Associates provides personalized solutions in the areas of elder law, estate planning and special needs planning.

With nine Certified Elder Law Attorneys, and a team of professional staff members, we handle a large variety of elder law matters throughout western Pennsylvania. We have the knowledge and resources needed to handle all types of Medicaid planning and disability planning issues, as well as estate law matters ranging from simple to complex.

Whenever possible, we favor integrated elder law solutions that draw upon multiple sources of funding, such as Medicaid, veterans benefits, long-term care insurance and personal estate planning provisions.

Whatever your situation, Julian Gray Associates will carefully analyze your needs and work to achieve your goals in a way that is right for you.

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