This Brave Shelter Pup Deserves An Award! Or, At Least A Few Dozen Belly Rubs

Wait until you hear what man's furry best friend did that's getting attention from all over – and you can take him home!

Not all heroes wear capes. Some have thick coats of white, fluffy fur.

A four-year-old Great Pyrenees pup who protected a shelter volunteer from being kidnapped earlier this week is getting all of the congratulatory head pats and dog treats he can handle – at least, that's what we hope is going on.

The very good boy, who is up for adoption, was out for a walk with a female employee of Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in Nashville, TN, when the unthinkable happened. When the employee bent down to tie her shoe with her back toward the road, the pup, whose name is Jepson, started barking like crazy.

Thanks to Jepson, a possible kidnapping attempt was stopped in Nashville, TN. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue/Facebook

According to the shelter's founder, Jean Harrison, the volunteer was being approached by two men who parked a white van on the side of the road. Jepson noticed the men, and immediately recognized their presence as a threat.

"The dog started going berserk," Harrison told Fox-17. "When our volunteer turned around, it was as if the cliché had come to life."

This is what Jepson looked like when he arrived at the shelter. The shelter's founder, Jean Harrison, says he has "come a long way" since then. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue/Facebook

The employee had to hold Jepson back as he continued to bark and lunge at the two men, who didn't say a word. When they realized the dog wasn't backing down, the men quickly returned to their van and drove off.

Harris later shared the story in a Facebook post:

"Had she not been walking a Great Pyrenees who decided these men definitely constituted a threat and had that Great Pyrenees not kept them at bay, we could have been national news. Jepson the Pyr is a hero for sure and the employee this happened to is a trooper, but we worry and will continue to worry."

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue shared the story on Facebook, along with information on how to adopt the heroic pup. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue/Facebook

Big Fluffy Rescue is located in an industrial area, and while there weren't any problems in the last four years, Harris says that incidents of harassment, especially toward her female employees, have started to increase in recent months.

The area where the shelter is located is industrial and somewhat deserted, and reports of incidents have increased over the past year. Google Maps

"Nothing has really changed on the surface, but for some reason over the past year our female volunteers have been the subject of harassment," Harrison said. "It's been sexual in nature and all targeted towards females."

While the non-profit currently runs on a shoe-string budget, Harrison is actively looking for a new location for the shelter in a safer part of town.

"And so I am putting this out there," Harrison wrote in the post. "We need a property that is at least 6000 square feet and preferably 8000. It must be heated and cooled throughout. We can afford $4000 a month. It has to have the right zoning. And it needs to be somewhere near-ish to Nashville."

Hopefully, BFDR finds a new space soon. As for Jepson, he's still waiting to find his furr-ever home, however we're sure it won't be long until this four-legged hero finds a family of his own to protect.

How can you start something good?

If you're interested in adopting Jepson, you can email You can also make a donation to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue by clicking here.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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