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Thinking Outside The Girl Scout Cookie Box: Scouts Encourage Cookie Donations

Scouts can't sell cookies in public. Buy on line and you'll support them and sponsor a sweet surprise first responders and neighbors in need.

Who doesn't love Girl Scout cookies? Everyone has their favorite. Me? I could (but shouldn't) eat a whole sleeve of Thin Mints by myself. So it makes me sad that I'm not seeing my local scouts in the grocery store when I go to shop. It's hard to resist their sweet faces, so I often buy a box for my family and donate one to their Cookie Share program

Chicago-area scouts get together bags of cookies for donation, each with a hand written thank you note inside.Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana/Facebook

Now that scouts can't sell in stores or door to door because of the coronavirus, the organization has had to come up with ways to get rid of all of those cookies, and make sure there's money for scout programming. Most troops base their budgets for camping and field trips, community service projects and scholarships on cookie sales. Here's the good news: you can still order cookies on line for yourself or to donate cookies to someone who could use a treat right about now.

(Video: Girl Scouts of America Facebook)

Many individual troops and local Girl Scout Councils have organized their own give aways. I can't think of a region more in need of a special delivery of cookies than New York. Daisy Troop 3693 in Suffolk County, NY donated their remaining stock of Girl Scout Cookies to thank the healthcare and essential workers at the Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center COVID-19 Unit.

COVID-19 Unit gets a delivery of cookies.Girl Scouts of Suffolk County/Facebook

Girl Scouts of Greater New York troops donated a big batch of cookies to staff who work at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Each box had a hand written thank you note. "Thank you to Girl Scout troops 3095 and 3751 for their generous donation of cookies to our NICU staff working to keep babies safe and healthy. Fighting a pandemic makes you hungry!," Dr. Shetal Shah said in a tweet.

These boxes each had a handwritten note of thanks attached.Girl Scouts of Greater New York/Facebook

Outside of New York, we found scouts in Alabama donating cookies to Feeding the Gulf Coast, which distributes food to the hungry in Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida panhandle.

These cookies are headed for food pantries in Alabama.Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama/Facebook

In Alabama, hospital workers and first responders like firefighters and police officers also got cookies.

Happy police officers!Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama/Facebook

Girl Scouts from Warwick, RI went all out and gave donated Cookie Share cookies to pretty much all the local heroes who are staying on the job despite the coronavirus pandemic, including mail carriers, delivery drivers, grocery store staff, and pharmacy staff.

Girl Scouts of Southeaster New England/Facebook

Way to go Girl Scouts for taking your challenging situation and turning it into a way to make a difference for others. What a wonderful lesson for the scouts -- and for us all!

How can you start something good?

100% of the net proceeds from Girl Scout Cookie sales stay local with councils and troops to fund activities, travel, and scout-led community service projects for girls year-round. That cookie revenue is often what makes it possible to reach girls in underserved areas and maintain scout camps.

If that's not a good reason to support cookie sales online in this time of pandemic, I don't know what is! Click here to find out how to buy online for you or someone else.

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