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These Sweet Kiddos' Amazing Acts Of Kindness Will Move You

When they heard their hometown heroes might have to take a pay cut, they used their creativity (and a whole lot of heart) to show their support.

As the country continues to lock down to help stop the spread of COVID-19, companies both large and small are making tough decisions in order to keep their businesses afloat. That includes police departments who rely on city budgets to keep their officers paid.

Luckily, there are people of all ages who are stepping up to help those who have been working tirelessly to protect their towns during the crisis.

Hannah Imig is a fifth grader at Babler Elementary in Chesterfield, MO. When she heard that police officers in her city were going to lose some of their pay because of budget cuts from the pandemic, she knew right away that she wanted to help.

Hannah Imig wanted to give back to her local police department when she heard they were losing money during the crisis. Chesterfield Police Department/Facebook

The 10-year-old offered to donate some of her savings, and she also came up with a way to get others on board. Hannah wrote a letter asking the public for donations, which her mother posted on her Facebook page.

"Police officers are very important people, right? They protect us even when it's dangerous. They sacrifice themselves for strangers! Now that's empathetic," the handwritten letter read.

Hannah wrote a letter encouraging others to donate to her fundraiser. Chesterfield Police Department/Facebook

In less than two days, Hannah raised $2,400.

She took her act of kindness a step further and used the money to buy gift cards from several local restaurants, giving them a bit of financial relief during the crisis.

Last week, Hannah and her family presented the officers with the gift cards outside of the city county building. Thanks to Hannah's efforts, the officers received two cards each.

Hannah took her kindness a step further and used the funds she raised to buy gift cards from local restaurants. Chesterfield Police Department/Facebook

"We can't even begin to put into words how grateful we are to Hannah and even more so, what a special, thoughtful person she is," the Chesterfield Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

The department got another boost from a pair of brothers who also wanted to show their support for the officers during the crisis.

The boys filled a claw arcade machine with rolls of toilet paper. They set up the machine on the sidewalk in front of their family's home and encouraged passers-by with a sign to donate $5 for 3 tries at the machine.

The Missouri boys ended up raising almost $300 for the department in one day.

The police officers applauded the brothers' unique approach on Twitter.

What a sweet way to show the officers how much they're appreciated. Hopefully, others will follow their lead and step up to help first responders in their towns!

How can you start something good?

Inspired by Hannah's and the 'claw' brothers' acts of kindness?

You can help support first responders by donating to the Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund, which awards grants to first responders experiencing financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic.

You can also help on a local level by starting a fundraiser that offers relief to those who are struggling in your community. Hold a no-contact bake sale, plan a virtual benefit concert – get creative! There are plenty of ways, big or small, to spread kindness during the crisis.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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