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The Show Must Go On! How One Man Is Curing The Stay-At-Home Blues

He's got a unique talent and he's using it to bring back the joy of listening to live music, one doorstop at a time.

As the nationwide quarantine drags on, I think it's safe to say that most, if not all, outdoor concerts will be canceled this year.

Thankfully, there are folks like Miles Hoyle in Norfolk, VA who are using their musical talent to cheer up residents in their communities – and the best part is, no one has to leave their home to enjoy a show.

Hoyle has played the accordion for 14 years, and after posting about his accordion-at-your-door service on Facebook, the bookings started coming in.

"I thought a few things would come from it," Hoyle told 13 News Now. "But I had eight gigs in a row booked immediately."

Hoyle is known around town for playing in two bands, The Fighting Jamesons and world music group Mosquito Cabaret. He decided to offer his one-of-a-kind doorstop concerts after having some success doing similar performances for friends in the past.

Along with wearing a mask, Hoyle promises to stay at least six feet away when he plays, which isn't hard to do since the accordion is naturally a loud instrument. His performances can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and can take place inside or outdoors, depending on the person's preference.

Hoyle says the accordion is great for social distance concerts because it's so loud, you naturally want to stand back. Miles Hoyle/Facebook

"In or outside of the pandemic, it's always an honor and a privilege to be able to play music for people," Hoyle said. "That's what I'm passionate about, that's what I like to do."

So far, Hoyle has performed at birthday parties, small gatherings and has done a few intimate gigs for people who just missed hearing live music. He also offers "surprise-at-the-door" performances for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

Hoyle has performed outside of peoples' windows and doors for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Miles Hoyle/Facebook

"It's certainly nice to be able to bring some comfort to somebody and I guess that's part of what the appeal has been," Hoyle said of the service's unexpected popularity.

Even though he just recently started advertising his act, Hoyle has already received some glowing reviews.

"This is such a fun way to celebrate any occasion," Stephanie Davenport wrote on Facebook. "Miles is engaging and entertaining and added so much to our Friday morning coffee !!! Thank you again Miles for helping me surprise my friend!!"

What an amazing idea to keep music lovers entertained during the pandemic. We can only hope Hoyle's at-your-door service will continue to grow and he'll venture north with his squeezebox soon!

Here's Hoyle (L) performing with his band, Mosquito Cabaret, pre-coronavirus. Miles Hoyle/Facebook

How can you start something good?

If you're in the Hampton Roads, VA area, you can book Miles Hoyle by calling or texting him directly at (757) 560-3893. You can also send him a direct message on his Facebook page for more information.

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