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The Letter A Husband Wrote To His Late Wife’s Hair Stylist Will Make You Cry

He wanted to personally thank her for making his wife's "last, best moments" so happy.

You never know what someone is going through in life, and how an act of kindness might make a difference . That's why, in our humble opinion, it's best to be kind to others all the time.

A hairdresser in Illinois is getting some much-deserved praise after she posted a letter to social media that she received last month from the husband of one of her past clients.

In the letter, the man thanked the stylist, whose name is Sara Verkuilen, for being so kind to his wife when she got her hair cut at Sara's salon back in December.

It turns out, the man's wife passed away in March, right as the country went into lockdown due to the coronavirus. The man's wife had dementia, and he recalled how gentle and patient Sara was with her when she visited the salon.

"You treated her as if you'd been working with dementia patients all your life," the letter reads. "You let us sit next to each other, and when it came time for her cut you turned her chair towards me so I could watch her expression as you cut her hair."

The man's letter thanked Sara for treating his wife so kindly when they visited the salon in December. Sara Verkuilen/Facebook

The man said that was the last time he had seen his wife so happy, and that the experience was something he would never forget.

"She felt so pretty. She visited the mirror in her bathroom several times during the day and would come out beaming," the letter goes on. "To see her so happy was priceless."

While Sara said she doesn't have any formal experience working with dementia patients, she told Upworthy that she tries to treat all of her clients with "basic human respect."

Even though it was months ago, Sara says she remembers the couple and recalls how the husband was concerned about his wife and treated her with the utmost respect.

"I remember just how sweet they were together," she said. "He was a very loving doting husband. They were adorable."

Sara, pictured here with her family, said she doesn't have any formal experience working with people with dementia. Sara Verkuilen/Facebook

Sara has gone through some tough times of her own when the salon she worked at closed its doors in March due to the pandemic.

"The company I work for went bankrupt and almost closed my salon forever so it was a wild rollercoaster of emotions," she said.

Thankfully, she was recently hired on at a salon owned by a family friend, so she's back to doing what she loves.

After posting the letter, Sara has gotten dozens of messages and calls thanking her for her kindness. Her old company even awarded her by providing her an opportunity to get Redken certified and they're creating a scholarship in her name.

Sara said she was "overwhelmed" by all of the positive comments and messages she received after posting the letter. Sara Verkuilen/Facebook

"Words cannot even express the appreciation I have for all the love I have received recently over the letter from my client," Sara wrote in a follow-up post. "I hoped this letter could be a little ray of sunshine in the uncertain world we are in right now, just like it has been for me and it seems like it is!"

How can you start something good?

Inspired by Sara's incredible act of kindness?

Why not follow her lead and do your best to treat those around you with respect and compassion every day? Whether it's your clients, co-workers, family or friends, you just might make someone's day by simply being nice. And the best part is, it won't cost a thing!

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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