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See How These Dads Are Celebrating Black Fatherhood & Defying Stereotypes

They're on a mission to change views of Black fatherhood, one stroll at a time.

There's a new gang in town, but instead of weapons they're packing diaper bags. Their initiation doesn't involve anything bad, unless painting a little girl's toenails to join their club is a problem for you.

We're talking about "The Dad Gang," a community of Black men who are coming together to show the world that they're strong, proud fathers, and are challenging stereotypes that say otherwise.

The group's founder, Sean Williams, was inspired to start the group after having an interaction with a woman in a grocery store when he was out shopping with his kids in Long Island, NY. The woman praised him for "sticking around" for his children, an experience he later learned was all too common among his Black dad friends.

Here's Williams giving tips to fellow dads on how to have a successful "toy day" with their kids...

Now, Williams and members of The Dad Gang are working to rewrite the narrative of Black fatherhood and show what it's really like to be a Black dad in today's society.

"I hope we really change the world and change the way the world views us," Williams told ABC News.

The Dad Gang is changing the way the world views black fatherhood by breaking down harmful stereotypes and promoting positivity. The Dad Gang/Facebook

The group uses their Instagram channel to share positive images of active Black dads. Photos and videos of men feeding babies, sharing snuggles and washing their kids' hair in the sink show a side of Black family life that's not often seen or talked about outside of their own communities.

"You know, we're not an anomaly. We're not unicorns," Williams said.

The group hosts walks in different cities to get black dads together and start constructive conversation. The Dad Gang/Facebook

On Father's Day, 400 Black dads and their families met for the "March of Dads" in Washington D.C. to show solidarity and celebrate Black fatherhood.

The group met at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, where they joined a peaceful protest to honor the movement against racial injustice and police brutality that's been sweeping the country.

Along with defying stereotypes and inspiring #DadGoals, The Dad Gang has been fundraising to provide for GiGi, the daughter of George Floyd, a Black man who was killed while in police custody last month.

"I want the world to know that her as well as any other child that lost their father to racial injustice ... although they lost their father, they just gained a million more," Edward Smith, COO of The Dad Gang, said.

The dads have been fundraising to provide for GiGi Floyd and other children who have lost their father's due to police violence. The Dad Gang/Facebook

The goal of The Dad Gang is to establish chapters in every city, and to set a new standard of what Black fatherhood looks like worldwide.

If the group's current efforts are any indication of what's to come, they're on track to do exactly that.

The Dad Gang hopes to set up chapters in every city to provide support for Black dads and to continue defying stereotypes. The Dad Gang/Facebook

How can you start something good?

You can contribute to support #TheDadGang by clicking here.

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