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That Super Bowl (of Chips) Has You Beat

Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving for food consumption. Here's what you'll need to do to work off the extra calories..

Whether the Los Angels Rams upset the odds makers to win this year's Super Bowl remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: Americans are going to eat. Super Bowl Sunday is only second to Thanksgiving for food consumption, according to Dr. Charles Platkin, the Executive Director of the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center.

You might have every good intent to stick to the veggie platter, but by half time, most folks will be well into the wings, chili, chips and beer. That unconscious noshing might seem harmless enough on a Big Game day, but Dr. Platkin contends that most people have no concept of the impact of those calories. (He's the lead author on a study that proves as much.)

To make the impact of your food choices more clear, Dr. Platkin has converted the calorie count of typical game-day snacks with the exercise required to burn the calories they contain. The exercise looks daunting, but never fear. The good doctor has suggestions to help you trim the fat (or at least the calorie count)

Three Slices of Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lover's Pizza = Run the length of 144 football fields

Yep, each slice is 460 calories, so you would need to run 14,100 yards at a speed of 5 mph to work off the 'za. Trim some calories and cut down on the run by ordering thin crust pizza with veggies (and skip the pepperoni).

Handful of Peanuts (1 ounce) = 41 minutes of house cleaning

Suddenly, cleaning up after your Super Bowl party has an added benefit. You scoop up about 166 calories with each reach into the peanut dish. The good news, peanuts are a healthy snack and full of protein which will help you feel fuller longer. Dr. Platkin's pro tip: don't sit too close to the peanut dish and try eating them one by one instead of in handfuls.

Four Beers = Doing the wave 2,828 times

Each 12-ounce bottle of suds has about 145 calories. If you're taking down a brew each quarter, you're going to need to amp your enthusiasm and get up off the couch to cheer on your team. Try a light beer, or dare we say it, alternate beer with a sparkling water.

Six Doritos Chips = 8 minutes of training camp

Just one chip has nearly 13 calories, so a handful will cost you a round of push-ups, sit-ups, and sprints. A few chips won't set you back much, but avoid the temptation to take down the whole bag.

Two Handfuls of Potato Chips = 30 minutes of cheer leading

What? You say you prefer potato chips over corn chips anyway. Each handful of chips is about 150 calories. Pop them into the onion dip and your adding another 60 calories - and 6 minutes of cheering. And we're not talking about the kind of cheering that happens with your butt on the couch. You can trim some of the fat by pairing baked chips with a dip using non-fat yogurt instead of sour cream.

Three Restaurant-Style Tortilla Chips with 7-Layer Dip = Playing 1 full game of pro football

Keep in mind that there are only about 11 minutes of actual play in a football game, according to the Wall Street Journal. With 20 calories per chip and as many as 40 calories for the dip it conveys, you will need to get in the game. User baked chips rather than fried, slow your chip roll, and switch to salsa (only about 8 calories per tablespoon).

Enjoy the game!
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