Good Neighbors

Teen’s Icy Crash Leads To Surprising Act of Kindness

He went above and beyond to do what was right.

Is there nothing a plate of homemade cookies can't make better?

A teenager in Nebraska used the mass appeal of fresh baked goods to his advantage last week when he hit Crystal Collins' mailbox when he was driving on the icy roads.


After he surveyed the damage, he knocked on the woman's door and apologized. He offered the mother of two all of the money he had in his wallet to fix it. When she wouldn't take the money, he thanked her profusely and left.

A few days later, the teen came back to Collins' house with a plate of fresh baked cookies. He said he still felt bad about the broken mailbox, and he wanted to do something to make it right. Collins wasn't there at the time, but when her husband told her he stopped by again, she knew she had to find out who he was.

Collins used a few photos from her security camera and posted them to Facebook in hopes of finding out the teen's identity so that she could thank him and his family.

"It was really, really refreshing, there's a lot of ugly things in this world, and I wanted to share the post especially with his parents," Collins later told KOLN-TV.

The post was shared thousands of times, and Collins quickly found out the boy's name was Nathan Owen Sullivan. His mother Jamy reached out on social media, and she was overcome with emotion when she heard about her son's good deed.

"I honestly got teary-eyed, because it was so, it's just nice to know your kids do good things when you're not around," Jamy said.

As for Nathan (pictured below), he says he was just doing what he thought was right – the attention he's getting is just icing on the cake, or chocolate chips in cookies…you get the idea.


"It's crazy like, seeing everybody like talking about you, it just makes you feel good," he said.

How can you start something good?

Kudos to Nathan for having the honesty and courage to apologize to his neighbor. It just goes to show that acts of kindness can happen anytime, for any reason.

If you're in the wrong in a situation, you can always make things right by being kind – and fresh baked goods always help!

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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