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Tears Of Joy! Couple Donates Car To Man With Liver Failure

The incredible at of kindness has changed his life forever - wait until you see his heartwarming response!

When 26-year-old Devonte McCoy reached out to his community for help, he wasn't sure what (if anything) he would get in return.

Like a lot of other people in the country, the metro-Atlanta area resident has been having a rough couple of months.

After losing his job in the film industry due to the coronavirus pandemic, McCoy's car caught fire last month from an electrical failure. To make matters worse, he used his car to get to and from his weekly dialysis appointments.

Devonte McCoy lost his car becase of an electrical fire last month. Melissa Stern CBS46/Facebook

"I lost my car, I did, and that was my only source of transportation," McCoy told CBS-46. "Being in the worst time of my life, being on dialysis, it hurts not having my own transportation."

McCoy was diagnosed with partial liver failure when he was attending college in Florida. He was able to finish school, but had trouble finding work since he was required to go to dialysis three days a week, for multiple hours each day.

McCoy was working in the film industry in Atlanta, but the coronavirus pandemic put the brakes on that. Prince Dnight/Facebook

After losing his car, McCoy turned to GoFundMe to help raise funds to buy a new car and help pay some medical bills.

"I would be the one to give someone my last few dollars (which I have done) rather than taking anything for myself," McCoy wrote on his fundraising page. "But, now it's me who needs help."

After a couple saw McCoy's story on the news, they reached out to donate a car. Screenshot: CBS46-TV

Not only have the dollars started coming in, but McCoy had another stroke of luck when a couple who heard about his situation on the news reached out to make a special donation.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, donated a car to McCoy to help him keep his health on track.

"The couple, lovely couple, wonderful people, mentioned to me, they saw my story, and felt compelled to do something about my situation," McCoy said in a follow up story with CBS46.

The couple visited McCoy at his grandparent's home last weekend and handed over the keys to a used, but fully functional, Kia Amanti.

McCoy could barely contain his excitement in a Facebook live video he recorded to share his good news.

"I just want this to be able to help anybody who is out there, who's going through something right now in these times, to just keep the faith and keep moving forward," McCoy said.

McCoy hopes his story will inspire others who are going through tough times to stay positive.Prince Dnight/Facebook

McCoy also mentioned his beloved mother, who died ten years ago.

I know she's looking down and smiling gratefully at me," he said.

What an incredible act of kindness from everyday folks in the community who wanted to help. We're sure McCoy will never forget their generosity!

How can you start something good?

You can make a donation's to McCoy's GoFundMe campaign by clicking here.

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