Teachers Pitch in to Replace Student's Stolen Bike

When they heard a student lost his only way to get to class, they knew they had to do something to help.

Isaah Barrio, a 16-year-old from Modesto, CA had a tough day last week when he was followed to school by a homeless man. When Barrio got to campus, he immediately went inside to tell his teachers what happened. To make matters worse, when he was inside looking for help, the man stole his bike.

Barrio, a special needs student, uses his bike to get back and forth to Grace Davis High School every day, so when he found out it was missing, he was very upset. The teachers and admin staff at the school were shocked when they heard the news.

"I just felt sick about it," one of his teachers, Lindsay Bryan told CBS13-TV .

Barrios is known at GDHS as being a hard worker who 'always gives 100%.' One Modesto City Schools official commented on Facebook, "His disposition and attitude are rare, he is sweet and kind to everyone. No one deserves to be scared and have a bike stolen but it is especially true for this student."

(Source: Modesto City Schools Facebook )

The teachers and staff quickly pulled funds together to buy a new bike for Barrio.

"People were so incredibly generous, and it was a sacrifice for some people," said Bryan. "But within half an hour I had $600."

Bryan went and picked up a new bike at a local business and they were able to give it to Barrio at the end of the day.

While he's typically on the shy side, Barrio was all smiles as he told CBS13 that the bike is "better than the one I had before."

(Source: CBS13-TV )

The money the teachers and staff raised was more than what was needed to buy the bike, so they donated the remaining funds to the school's holiday account to buy gifts, meals and coats for other students in need at Davis High School.

"The staff did not hesitate to help this boy's day turn from one of the worst to one of the best," Bryan said. "Humanity was restored for that one moment and it eclipsed the bad start to the day."

(Source: CBS13-TV )

School district officials said that a police report was filed and the Modesto police are searching for the bike thief.

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