Street Vet Cares For Pets Of Homeless Owners For Free

For people living on the street, a pet may be their only family. It's why this doctor is so passionate about his work.

The first line of Dr. Kwane Stewart's GoFundMe campaign pitch caught our attention immediately:

"Want to join me in making a difference?"

Of course we want to join him in making a difference! At Sparkt that's what we do!

Dr. Stewart has been a veterinarian for over 20 years. For the past decade, he's been taking care of people and their pets experiencing homelessness. He cares for them right where they are, in homeless shelters, and on the streets of California, often in his hometown of San Diego, but also in LA, Sacramento and San Francisco.

Dr. Stewart treats his patients on the streets and in homeless encampments.GoFundMe Heros

Stewart's effort started out small. He volunteered to care for animals in homeless shelters. When he had some spare time or was driving home and saw a pet owner in need on the street, he'd stop and help. Maybe a quick checkup for the pet, some medicine, vaccinations or food. "It wasn't a lot but sometimes giving a little can make all the difference," said Stewart. Here he is in action on the GoFundMe Heros page:

Slowly but surely Stewart found more and more need, and started spending more of his time ministering to homeless pets and their owners on the streets and in homeless encampments. "I've mentioned this before but many people also just appreciate the conversation, someone to talk to, someone that listens," writes Stewart.

Stewart says he feels he's caring as much for the people he meets as their pets.The Street Vet GoFundMe

Inspired by his efforts, GoFundMe named Dr. Stewart their February GoFundMe Hero. The exposure lead to stories on Today and CNN. And Stewart and his assistant Genesis have a budding TV career with a show called "The Street Vet" which airs on Cottage Life Television in Canada, and can be watched on line (click here).

Dr. Stewart set up the GoFundMe campaign to help pay for his veterinary supplies and little extras, like the toys and food he and Genesis were able to hand out just before Christmas. "I've seen homeless people feed their pet before they feed themselves," he told CNN.

Donations to his GoFundMe page help Dr. Stewart buy medicine, like vaccines, to treat the pets.The Street Vet GoFundMe

Stewart is hoping the newfound attention to his work will lead to more donations, allowing him to perform surgeries on pets that need more serious medical care.

"Working on the streets I've experienced some of the most genuine stories of love, compassion, struggle and hope." said Dr. Stewart.

"It's been life changing and truly inspiring."

Talking about the TV show Stewart says "I believe the show will help raise awareness and encourage others to give a little back, too." Amen to that!

Street Vet Dr. Kwane Stewart treats his pet and people patients where they are

Dr. Stewart and assistant Genesis say they sometimes feel that they're helping the pet owners as much as their pets.

How can you start something good?

If you find Dr. Stewart's work as inspiring as we did, the best way to support him is by donating to his GoFundMe campaign.

If you prefer to help people and pets living in low-income or homeless situations in your own neighborhood, go to your favorite search engine and type in "animal shelter near me." Be sure when you're donating to your local shelter that you specify the money go to help low-income or homeless pet owners, whether it be for medical care, or to help someone from having to give up their pet because of financial problems.

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