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Strangers Rush To Save Toddler Who Fell Under A Train

It only took seconds for people to jump into action. And it was all caught on tape.

It's a moment that's frankly heart-stopping: a little girl got away from her mother at a train station in Sydney, Australia, falling through the gap between the platform and the train, and onto the tracks -- just as the train was rolling out!

Luckily, her mother's screams were loud enough that the conductor heard her and kept the train stopped. But the girl was still trapped underneath and no one could see her. Was she hurt?. Once the other people realized what happened, a few bystanders quickly slid underneath the train to find the girl.

According to the woman, who also had a baby in a stroller with her, it was the first time the girl had been on a train. She got spooked when it was time to board and tried to get off. Instead of stepping on to the platform, the girl slipped and fell into the gap between the platform and the train.

The station's duty manager kept the train stopped while two young men climbed under the train to find the girl.

ABC Illawarra/Facebook

A fellow passenger recorded the entire traumatic incident on her phone. While the mother was on the verge of hysteria, you could hear other people trying to comfort her as the men looked for her daughter.

A few moments later, a man near the front of the train yelled out that he had found her. The duty manager led the mother, who was still sobbing, to the top of the platform where she was finally able to see her baby girl coming toward her.

As they walked quickly to the front of the train you could hear several passengers ask the mother if she's okay. Some reached out and patted her back to comfort her.

ABC Illawarra/Facebook

The hero who pulled the girl from the tracks picked her up so that he could get to her mother more quickly.

The woman let out a nervous chuckle once her daughter was finally returned, unharmed, to her arms. "She's never been on the train," you can hear her say to the conductor. "And it might be her last time for a while."

The man who carried the girl to safely quickly walked off after she was back with her mother, but the duty manager caught up with him and thanked him for saving the day.

"Can I get your name?" you can hear the manager say to the man. "Just to thank you that's all."

ABC Illawarra/Facebook

What an inspiring story of total strangers coming to the rescue of a mother in distress. It shows that there are still people willing to help each other in an emergency. Great job all around!

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