Update: Worth Manifesto Needs Your Help to Get to the Border

How you can help change the lives of women in need


Posted by Kristen Burns
August 09, 2019

We first introduced you to Worth Manifesto in an earlier Sparkt story, where we discussed the organization’s founder, Sandra Villarroel, and her campaign to help women at the border.

Join One Woman’s Quest to Make Life Better for Women at the Border

When we published the story in late July, Sandra had collected supplies for about 600 shower kits. Now, with the help of many volunteers-turned-friends, she’s assembled over 2,000!

Aside from the donations of supplies she’s still receiving for the kits, Sandra is raising funds for an upcoming trip to McAllen, TX. Once she’s there, she’ll personally deliver them to several organizations that are helping women at the border.

We caught up with Sandra in the midst of the organizing madness to talk a bit more about the project.

Sandra’s travel plans have changed since she first started the project. Initially, she planned to coordinate with a local Latin organization that was traveling south and have them transport a few bins for her. Then, when donations started to increase, she looked into renting a van and driving them there herself. Now, with enough bins piled up in her garage to fit in several vans, she thinks shipping by freight is her best option. She plans to meet the shipment when it arrives in Texas, where she’ll distribute the kits to the organizations she’s helping.  

You can refer to the Worth Manifesto website to keep up-to-date and find out how you can still help out with the campaign.

You can donate to the Worth Manifesto travel fund through GoFundMe, Facebook or PayPal.  

You can spread awareness about the campaign by following and sharing the Worth Manifesto Facebook page.

Best of luck, Sandra! We hope you meet your goal.


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