Marty's Journey: PET Scan Shows Marty is Cancer Free!

Today's scan was considered the first real "diagnostic" tool to show whether he's cancer free. It was clear!


Posted by Anne Linaberger
January 14, 2019

Read all about the "why" of Marty's PET scan today at the story we posted earlier today.

This story is to bring you the breaking news that Marty reports his PET scan is clear! "I'm cancer free!" Marty texted the Sparkt staff from the hospital. "PET scan clear. We cried like babies," Marty and wife Kristine told us from their post-scan meeting with his doctors.

Marty thanks everyone for your thoughts, prayers, encouragement and support. There's been a mountain of support just today and just on social media as the word spread that Marty's scan was taking place.

Stay tuned -- more updates as we get them. Meantime, here's some video from today's hospital visit:


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