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Special Delivery! UPS Driver Makes Sure Boy Who Wished For A Package Gets One

Watch and listen to the boy's excited reaction when there's finally something for him on the big brown truck!

Every day I challenge myself to pay attention to what's going on with the people around me, and try to be of service if I can. UPS driver Hector Velasco apparently does the same, if a good deed he did recently is any indication.

Velasco's daily route takes him through Langston Walbuck's neighborhood in Los Angeles. He noticed that every day, the little boy would wait on the family's balcony and seemed to look disappointed that there was never a package for him.

Langston Walbuck loves Lego, and like most little boys, loves getting packages and letters too.Brooke Walbuck/Facebook

"I came right up to (his) neighbors and he's like 'I want one too!' I felt like I couldn't do anything at the time, but I'm like you know what, let me see if I can try to brighten his day," Velasco explained during an interview with ABC7.

Velasco left a note (on a UPS slip no less!) for Langston's parents Brooke and Sam Walbuck, to let them know his plan to surprise their son. "Hi, this is Hector, your UPS driver. [I've] seen your son plenty of times on the balcony and he seems very sad [that] he doesn't get any packages," the note read.

The Walbuck's UPS driver left a note letting them know he planned a special delivery for their son.Brooke Walbuck/Facebook

On a second UPS slip, Velasco wrote: "I told him 'don't worry, maybe next time.' So, anyway, I've bought something and put it in a box. Just wanted to know his name so I can put it on the box." Velasco left his phone number on the note for the Walbucks to contact him.

The next day, young Langston was back on the balcony, only this time when Velasco drove up, the package was for him! Langston's mom posted the video to Facebook:

Inside the box were Matchbox cars and candy. "It made me feel special," said Langston about the surprise delivery.

Velasco and his wife have two daughters but no son, so he thought Langston would like his Matchbox cars.Brooke Walbuck/Facebook

Velasco sent the Walbucks a text, explaining that he wanted to do something special for their son because "the world didn't give my wife and I any boys. Gave us two beautiful girls. And I've had [these] cars in my collection but [you've got to] let them go some time and I felt like today was the day. [Your] son taught me a lesson that it's not only my kids going through this epidemic."

Velasco asked Langston's parents to give him the boy's name so he could address the package to him.Brooke Walbuck/Facebook

"I know you guys [are] working just as hard as my wife and I to give them the best. Your UPS driver just wanted to show some love," he added. "

"It's been a really meaningful, special message to many of our friends and family right now. So it means a lot," Brooke Walbuck wrote on her Facebook page.

Humanity is a pretty amazing thing!

"For him to be that busy and still be that thoughtful, it just says a lot, for him as a person and as a dad," said Langston's father Sam.

Way to go Hector Velasco for taking the time to notice a disappointed little boy and give not only that boy and his family but everyone a little spot of cheer during this challenging time!

How can you start something good?

Inspired by Hector Velasco? Why not keep an eye out for people in your life -- friends, family, even strangers -- who could use a little boost right now?

Even the smallest thing could make their day -- a card, some flowers, a favorite book or magazine, a candy bar or some fresh-baked cookies. Let's make a difference together!

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