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Sometimes the best New Year Resolution consists of one word

Being able to think about the past, present and future is essential in making sure you are reaching your goals

The end of the year usually is the one time that I reflect on past, present and future. I sit and think about my youth and as a kid how my New Year Resolution never changed, it was always

To be more than the world has deemed me to be.

You see I was the kid that people lost hope for. I was subjected to a life of pain, neglect and abuse. When I was 16 all I wanted to do for my New Years Resolution is survive. Based on my psychic readings death or jail was supposed to be my end.

But then things started to change.

I realized I wanted to be more and spoke a new destiny. So my New Year's Resolutions started to become one word only. For instance in 2012 it became GROWTH

Yikes I became a father and wanting to be a better man and give my daughter the best this world had to offer would require that I acquired some serious growth. In 2014 my New Year Resolution became PATIENCE.

I became a husband.

And 8 days later a role model to another beautiful girl

Whewww! Patience probably was the biggest weakness of mine hence my 2014 resolution lol. But lets fast forward January 1st 2019 my resolution is simple STABILITY

Growing up in the our communities we lack alot of the knowledge and insight in financial growth and stability. Do we invest, do we save? What about a 401K? IRA? Yeah not really topic of the dinner table where alot of us are from. But we cant use it as an excuse for lack of fulfillment and future preparation. So this year will be the year I exhaust all resources to give me and my family better credit, investments, generational wealth and most important a place to call home and plant our roots. Remember you only need one word to describe your new year resolution because then it allows you to define what that word encompasses.

How can you start something good?
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