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Man Who Lost His Job Mows Seniors' Lawns For Free

When he was laid off because of the pandemic, this guy decided to fill his time by helping struggling neighbors. He's inspiring others to do the same!

Like millions of other Americans, Brian Schwartz of Wayne, NJ was laid off from his job during the coronavirus pandemic.

While the past few months have been rough for the 39-year-old, who has a newborn baby at home, Schwartz decided to use his time off to help people in his community.

He thought of his late grandfather, and realized that as bad as he was feeling, the older population has had it much worse. Many seniors have been isolated at home, without visitors, and in some cases, without help to deal with basic chores.

So, Schwartz started offering free lawn mowing services to seniors and veterans – a solution he says offered the safest, most socially distant way to help people in need.

When Schwartz lost his job as an advertising exec in NYC, he decided to start cutting lawns for seniors in his community.IWantToMowYourLawn/Facebook

"I just love grandparents." Schwartz told CNN. "I can only imagine the stress they're all going through. I realized a lot of [senior citizens] are on fixed incomes, so I figured there's a creative way to help them out. Not just physically, but also mentally."

Schwartz used his years of experience as a digital advertising executive to build a website and get the word out about his pro-bono yard services. The site lists booking instructions and he also offers lawn-cutting and other handyman services to those under 65 for a fee. Once he touches base with a client, he loads up his family's Jeep with lawn equipment and gets right to it.

See what a happy customer has to say about Schwartz's cost-free lawn service...

video c/o I Want To Mow Your Lawn

Not only is he helping others with the cost-free mowing, Schwartz says the selfless act has given him a sense of purpose during an uncertain time.

"I just want to do good," Schwartz said. "It feels good, it feels right, following my heart."

Schwartz mowed his first lawn in June. Now he has dozens of clients and even recruited a few volunteers! IWantToMowYourLawn/Facebook

Schwartz cut his first lawn in June and now he has over a dozen regular clients. He's even gotten some help from other folks who wanted to volunteer too.

While his clients offer to pay him for his services, he always declines. He does accept donations for gas money and other organizations that he supports on his website.

Schwartz isn't accepting payment for his services, but people can make donations for gas money on his website. IWantToMowYourLawn/Facebook

Schwartz is continuing to look for a job as he grows his mowing business, and he encourages others who are also unemployed to never give up hope.

"It's been a really tough stretch the last few months for all of us," he said. "It's stressful and I just wanted to put some good out there."

Schwartz is careful to practice safe social distancing habits when he visits his clients' homes. IWantToMowYourLawn/Facebook

We love that Schwartz is using his free time to help those in his community who need it most. Hopefully others will follow his lead and will be inspired to give back to their communities during such a tough time. Job well done!

How can you start something good?

You can show your support for Schwartz by making a donation on his website.

Also, why not use his story as motivation to #StartSomethingGood in your community. You can mow lawns, bake cookies or just make it a priority to check in on those you know who are struggling during such a tough time.

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