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Sisters’ Petition Prompts Kellogg’s To Change A Major Policy

When they saw how it threatened the habitat of endangered orangutans, they did something about it.

Sisters Asha and Jia may be young, but they're doing big things to help the environment.

The girls became concerned after watching a documentary on how the production of palm oil leads to deforestation and, in turn, threatens orangutans by eliminating their habitat. They even stopped eating their favorite breakfast food, cereal, which lists palm oil as one of its ingredients.

Along with their boycott, 12-year-old Asha and 10-year-old Jia, who live in England, started an online petition to encourage Kellogg's to start getting their palm oil from more sustainable sources.

"We are asking Kellogg's to stop using these suppliers, to trace the palm oil from seed to shelf and inform the public exactly where it came from," the petition reads.

Asha, 12, and her sister Jia, 10, have convinced Kellogg's to stop importing palm oil from harmful sources. Harvinder Dhinsa

So far, the petition has gotten over 787,500 signatures. It also earned the attention of Kellogg's execs, who invited the girls to several meetings at their corporate offices to discuss making changes to their policy.

Asha and Jia first met with the company in 2018, where the company promised to hire trusted non-profits to help make the switch to more environmentally friendly palm oil sources.

In 2020, Kellogg's released a statement saying that, "…Kellogg's is committed to working with its global palm oil suppliers to source fully traceable palm oil that is produced in a manner that's environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable, which includes helping to mitigate deforestation."

In a follow-up meeting with the sisters last week, the company announced that it is now "committed" to sourcing 100% of its palm oil sustainably by 2025.

Asha and Jia, were surprised and thrilled – and the girls' mother, Harvinder Dhinsa, couldn't be prouder of the movement her daughters have started.

"They weren't expecting such a commitment. I'm really proud of them," Dhinsa told the Good News Network.

"It shows no matter how small you are that you have a voice and people will listen."

Even though Kellogg's has promised to change their policy, the sisters are keeping their petition going to make sure the brand keeps their word.

"If they don't follow through, we will be on their backs," Dhinsa said. "The announcement is great, but we need to keep their feet to the fire and ensure changes are made before we can say it's done."

Asha and Jia say that despite their success with Kellogg's, they aren't done with their activism. They plan to approach other companies about changing their palm oil practices soon.

Non-sustainable harvesting of palm oil threatens the habitat of the endangered orangutan.

How can you start something good?

Feeling inspired by the Dhinsa sisters' incredible act of kindness?

You can help with their campaign to help save the rainforest and protect orangutans by signing their online petition. (You'll have the opportunity to share the girls' petition or chip in a few dollars to help their cause once you sign.)

You can also help by choosing to buy brands that are already on board with sustainable palm oil production. To see how the larger food corporations stack up, click here.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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